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How To Combat Dry Skin Caused by Winter

How To Combat Ultra Chapped Dry Lips And Skin

How to combat dry skin caused by winter is the question asked the most during the cold season. We asked Lori Van Wormer for a solution to dry winter skin and to recommend the products that are the most effective.

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When temperatures drop, unfortunately so does our skin's moisture level. Actually, our skin can lose up to 8 ounces of water a day, and that's before environmental forces like wind and indoor heat rob us of even more moisture.

When skin is exposed to cold air, the lipid content is depleted causing dehydration. If neglected, the skin in winter can feel like a slab of beef forgotten in the freezer!

We all sometime in our lives have struggled and tried desperately to soothe ultra chapped chapped dry lips, dry heels, and cracking of the fingers – Ouch!

The following are some pointers to help combat winter dry skin.


How To Combat Dry Skin Caused By Winter In Your Shower

~ Limit showers to 3-5 minutes and avoid using hot water and soap. Instead, use a moisturizing shower gel and tepid water.

Recommended: GreatSkin's Orange Sorbet Bath Gelee.
This soft and sensually scented body gelee has mild surfactants especially chosen to gently cleanse your delicate skin. Orange Extract, Ginseng Extract, Aloe Vera Gel, and Dead Sea Salts provide reviving and toning properties in this skin loving gelee.

~ Two to three times a week apply a body scrub to slough of dead skin cells, targeting especially rough areas on your elbows, knees, and heels of the feet.

Recommended: GreatSkin's Sea Salt Papaya Body Buff
This exclusive blend of natural sea salt and deep cleansing Papaya fruit extract gently buffs away dead skin cells to create a smoother, more refined texture.

~ After showering while skin is still damp, apply a rich emollient body cream to seal in moisture. Rule of thumb is the drier the skin, the thicker the product.

Recommended: GreatSkin's Shea Body Butter
This body lotion incorporates the finest ingredients to renew your delicate skin. Shea Butter is extracted from the pit of the fruit that grows wild in Central Africa. The benefits of Shea Butter are healing, protecting and moisturizing. You will experience increased hydration levels to calm irritated skin. Botanicals, Peptides and Hawaiian Red Marine Algae provide skin firmness, skin thickness and also repair damaged skin.

How To Combat Ultra Chapped Dry Lips

Your lips are almost always exposed to the elements, and they lose moisture faster than any other part of the face because they only have an extremely thin outer protective layer. When it's cold and dry outside, we tend to lick our lips thinking we are providing moisture when indeed we are just dehydrating them further.

Recommended: GreatSkin's Vibran-C Lip Treatment
A Super-healing, Vitamin C rich balm helps repair dry, chapped, aging lips. Vitamin A retexturizes and smoothes fine lines, while a core of Vitamin E and natural oils delivers soothing moisture. Enviroprotective sunscreen keeps lips damage free.

Protecting Your Face In Winter Weather

Like the body, the facial skin should be cleansed with tepid water and a gel or cream cleanser (not soap) followed by exfoliation at least two to three times a week with either a non abrasive scrub, glycolic, or retinol product.

Remember, fine lines are much more noticeable in dehydrated skin, so a hydrating mask three times a week, and a daily moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid is a must for plumping up the skin with moisture. Next, apply oil free silicone based lipid serum over your moisturizer and before your makeup application for a flawless look!

How To Combat Dry Skin Caused By Winter

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How To Combat Dry Skin Caused by Winter

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