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How To Apply Mineral Makeup, For Beautiful Application

woman applying mineral makeupIf you have decided on purchasing and using mineral makeup instead of the traditional manufactured kind, there are a few necessary tips that you will need to know that are slightly different than if you have applied traditional manufactured makeup.

Tools such as applicators and brushes will be different than if you were using chemically manufactured foundations and toners.

Although mineral makeup has been around for approximately 30 years, it is still relatively new to the cosmetic niche for some.

With just a little background information, you will understand how mineral makeup works with the balance of your skin and how to apply it in order to get the desired effects you are looking for in makeup coverage.

How To Apply Mineral Makeup ~ Mineral Makeup Brushes

Mineral makeup brushes are designed with a combination blend of synthetic and natural hairs in order to effectively pick up the loose minerals for use by adhering to the brush and reducing waste.

Just as there are a number of assorted types of brushes for traditional makeup, you can find a variety of makeup brushes that are tapered, angled, flat and even smooth for a number of uses for the face, cheek, eye and lips.

If you are just starting to use mineral makeup and do not have the brushes necessary to apply it, you are best to search retailers or independent dealers in mineral makeup to purchase a brush kit or a complete set of brushes. This will save you money since packaged together you should be able to obtain the brushes needed for any application of your mineral makeup.

The main brush you will need in order to apply loose mineral powder will be the large dome powder brush that has a full, round shape. This helps to apply the minerals in a circular motion over the face and dusting blush applications lightly over the cheekbones.

There are complete starter kits for purchase that will include a full size brush for each application you may need, but for those who travel consistently, you can find a travel size brush application kit that contains smaller sized similar brushes in order to apply your mineral makeup away from home.

There are a variety of animal hair brushes available ranging from squirrel, badger, goat, sable and pony hairs. Many manufacturers will explain that no animals were harmed in the making of their brushes in order to put your mind at ease for those who are concerned about animal cruelty and misuse.

Once you have purchased your mineral makeup brushes you will need to clean them properly in order to keep them in good shape for continuous use. Cleaners can be purchased wherever you find your brushes and are quite simple to use. This is essential to keep your brushes clean each time you apply makeup on your face and to keep your brushes working properly.

You do need to remember that while cleaning and rinsing your makeup brushes, point them downwards to restrict the water from flowing into the handle where it can loosen the glue and allow shedding of the makeup brush hairs.

How To Apply Mineral Makeup ~ Mineral Makeup Application

One basic idea that you should remember when applying mineral makeup is that it does not need to be applied heavily in order to look great, cover up any blemishes or blend uneven skin tones. Essentially with mineral makeup, less is more and it will not only look more natural, but also feel better on your skin as well when you do not use a large amount of makeup.

Mineral Makeup Foundation
To apply mineral makeup foundation, you will need a large dome round brush for loose powder. This keeps the coverage lighter and more even across the face. If it is heavier coverage that you seek in order to cover up large blemishes for specific problem areas, a sponge can bring this result.

Depending on the type of skin you have, one or two light layers of coverage is all you will ever need. For those with oily skin, using a matte finishing powder can be desired while those who have drier skin can utilize a skin spritz to set the mineral powder foundation.

Mineral Makeup Blush
How To Apply Mineral Makeup
When applying mineral makeup blush to the face, it is necessary to brush it lightly on the cheekbones in order to accentuate the shape of your face and not overpower a limited section of your cheeks. Mineral blushers compliment and brighten the natural complexion using natural light and skin tones without the made-up look. Using a tapered mineral makeup brush can aid makeup application by patting the minerals onto the brush and sweeping them lightly over the cheekbones.

Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow
To apply mineral makeup eye shadow you can use a variety of smaller brushes depending on the type of application you are looking for with your colors. A fluff brush, blending contour brush or even a flat square detail brush all are useful when applying an assortment of colors to your eyelids.

You will still use the patting method for applying the minerals to the brush then either sweeping, blending or patting the minerals onto your eyelid or over a crease in order to get the coverage that you are looking for.

Mineral Makeup Lipstick
How To Apply Mineral Makeup
When you are applying mineral makeup lipstick you will require a tapered lip brush in order to apply the mineral lip colors you are looking for. These minerals for your lips are loaded with color that will stay strong on your lips while providing protection from the environment.

You can dip this mineral makeup brush into the lip colors and sweep across the lips in order to apply the coverage you need or for concealment purposes, you will overload the tip of the brush and softly stipple the minerals onto your skin.

For those of us who are new to the mineral makeup scene, you can have a professional such as a retailer or independent dealer show you how to apply your makeup in order to reach your desired results.

This is necessary if it is your first time utilizing this type of coverage since it is quite different from traditional chemically enhanced makeup and does require a different method of application.

By taking a little time to learn this art, you will find the results are amazing and well worth pursuing for the future.

And, that is how you apply mineral makeup!

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