Homemade Body Sprays, Refreshing And Invigorating

Beauty And The Bath RoseDon't you just love the feeling and scents of body sprays? They are another extraordinary body care product that can set a girls heart soaring when thinking about all the various ways to feel and smell like a girl.

You can make your own body spray when you use any of the various recipes we have here to share with you. Although, the price of store bought body sprays seem to rise every so often, you can make your own in the comfort of your own home.

Body sprays make a nice companion to the other body and bath recipes you can find here. If you are interested in in trying some for your own special needs or would like to create some wonderful gift ideas for those on your gift list, choosing to make and use homemade body sprays may be just what you are looking to include in gift baskets.

Homemade body sprays take time and patience; however, you can make them from simple everyday ingredients such as water, perfumes, colognes and various essential oils, which have their own special healing properties and are wholesome for your mind and your body.

When you have made your sprays, you can find all sorts of interesting spray bottles to decorate and fill with your body sprays.

You can make decorative tags or labels for them and give them as gifts. Almost any female would love using body mists and sprays after a long leisurely bath. Make your own homemade body spray today!


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What You can Use:
Body Sprays can be placed in plastic pump spray bottles from the dollar store. Add a pretty label, store clear bottles in a cool dark location


Citrus In Bloom Body Spray
If citrus is your scent you will love this refreshing body mist, a special treat in Summer heat.
Ingredient List:
5 drops Lemon Verbena essential oil
10 drops Orange essential oil
10 drops Mandarin essential oil
1 tablespoon of finely chopped lemon and orange peel
3 tablespoons Vodka
2 cups distilled water

Mix orange and lemon peel with vodka in a jar
Cover and allow to rest for about seven days.
Strain mixture well
Add essential oils and water to the mixture
Allow to stand for 2 weeks and shake mixture each day
Store in a dark spray bottle or place in a cool dark place if you use a clear bottle

Deodorant Body Spray
If you want a stronger scent to this spray let the mixture of essential oils, vinegar, and vodka to rest longer before mixing with water.

Ingredient List
Essential Oils
3 drops Peppermint
4 drops Rosemary
5 drops Lavender
6 drops Lemon
6 drops Sage
9 drops Grapefruit

3 teaspoons Vodka
4 ounces Vinegar
2 cups purified water

Blend together all essential oils
Add essential oils to vodka and shake together well
Allow to stand for about thirty minutes
Add vinegar and shake.
Pour mix into purified water and shake
Strain mixture through a paper coffee filter

Summer Sun Body Spray
Ingredients List :
1 teaspoon cucumber extract
1 teaspoon lemon extract
1 tablespoon witch hazel
1 cup water

Combine all of the above ingredients in a pump spray bottle.

How to use body spray: use anytime you want to cool down and refresh. Also keep this body spray handy for Menopause hot flashes.


Tone And Tighten Body Spray
Leave the essential oils in the vodka and vinegar mixture before you add water for a stronger scent.
Very Invigorating!

Ingredients List:
2 drops Basil
3 drops Black Pepper
3 drops Patchouli
5 drops Sage
18 drops Lemongrass
2 teaspoons Vodka
2 cups water

Blend all essential oils together well
Add to vodka and shake
Allow mixture to stand and rest for thirty minutes
Add the vinegar
Pour mixture into two cups of water shaking well
Strain mixture through a paper coffee filter


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