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Every gal needs a fast home hair fix now and again, here are 9 fast fixes to get you through a bad hair day. There are days when the weather can play havoc with your hair or you need to fix stray fly aways or smooth away those split ends.

home hair fix

Spit Ends

Whatever the length you wear your hair, a six week trim is essential for controlling split ends. An easy home hair fix in between appointments is to seal your split ends with a pomade, using just a little on your ends. A pomade such as Oribe's shimmery pomade will add great shine as well.

Weatherproof Your Hair

Why fight the rain all day? Slick your hair back behind your ears with your favorite gel. Not only will you be weatherproof, but also very trendy. Ponytails are in, in a big way for every age.

This works great on hair that is shoulder length or longer. For a sleek look, simply divide your hair from ear to ear across the top of your head, now make one ponytail using the back section only and then smooth your front hair over it then secure well.

Go For The Gloss

Choosing a semi-permanent gloss over a double - process dye. This is less damaging to hair that is already on the dry side but still needs color. The gloss will add needed shine and produce a more vibrant color.

Fix Baby Fine Fly Aways

A home hair fix to control those baby fine hairs along your hair line is to forget the heavy pomade and use lip balm instead. Rub a tiny bit between your palms to warm and make easier to spread. Smooth gently over the area and those baby fine hairs are smoothed and controlled.

A lip balm with a light formula, like Smith's Rosebud salve is a good choice, Your clear lip gloss or Vaseline are too thick in consistency and will be hard to remove with regular shampoo.

Change Your Style By Changing Your Part

If you want a fast change to your usual do without doing anything drastic, parts can do the job. Angle a diagonal part diagonally, start with a part over one eye and use the tip of a rattail comb to carefully follow the line to just the middle of your crown. If you feel a little more adventurous or artistic, style in parts with v shapes.

Choose The Right Brush

By choosing the right brush for the job you can cut your drying time almost in half. Choose a vent brush with a hollow design which allows the air to flow through as you are blow drying. Only start blow drying your hair only after you have gently squeezed out excess water with a towel. Do this without rubbing, which is one of the culprits for hair breakage.

Blow Dryers For The Fastest Drying Time

Using a blow-dryer that features at least 1,875 watts can take off a considerable amount of drying time. Even when used on a lower heat setting these dryers are more powerful.

Dry And Brittle Hair

A home hair fix to quench those dry tresses with moisture, mix one tablespoon of Castor oil in with your hair conditioner. Castor oil is rich with natural emollients and vitamin E, You deliver moisture only and no greasiness. Rinse as normal and then when hair is dry rub just a few drops between your palms and smooth over your hair gently.

Keep Your Hair Touchable

If you want to avoid those stiff scrunchy, "don't touch my hair" curls, mix a cocktail using three to four drops of shine serum with about a quarter size of your hair gel. You will have the curl definition you want but the serum adds touchability, that looks more natural, and touchable.

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 4, 2015

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