Holiday Hair Styles

Perfect your holiday hair styles, with the holiday season is just around the corner and with it so are the parties and events.

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Try New Styles For The Holidays

You will naturally be trying on some new outfits – or eyeing and ear-marking them for when the time comes! But don't forget: whichever outfit you choose to wear for that special occasion, your hairstyle has to rhyme with the rest of it.

A severe hairdo can clash with a flouncy dress for example, as also will a snug cocktail dress with holiday styles of luxurious curls. The stars that make an instant impact on the red carpets and catwalks and leave you nodding in awe will usually have carefully crafted their looks and taken pains to see that everything holds together very well.

Just in case you fail to get to a hairstylist before the big party, go for simplicity. A chignon is easy to do and it can look good on just about anyone with the exception when the hair is tightly drawn back, then it can sometimes unflatteringly accentuate your facial features, especially for those with wide faces, or those that are thin or long.

For a long face, the workaround to this is to sweep a few bangs across the top of the face; or you could pull out a few wisps of hair at the sides and create curls or waves on them. To give a wide face a slim outline you need to create a bit of height at the top, or pull a few tufts at the back and let them fall gracefully down the neck.

The other hairdo that looks great on those with longer faces is the one in which the hair is drawn loosely to one side and gathered into a bun, with a few wisps hanging free and curled. To balance things out, and for framing the face, some hair has to be pulled out on the side opposite to the bun.

Holiday Hair Styles
Holiday Hair Styles

All these looks will positively stand out as holiday hair if you can weave some eye-catching accents through the bun or chignon. You can choose to use ribbons whose colors complement your outfit, or strands of fake pearls, or fine fabric spun from gold or taffeta or chiffon.

You can choose to make your own hair accessories, or you can simply pay a visit to a few stores that sell its-bitsy items or, on the contrary, statement hair accessories that will turn your hairdo into something spectacular to look at. Just make sure you don't exaggerate. Always choose accessories that compliment your holiday hair style, and stay away from over-sparkling or over-designed hair decorations that would turn your hairdo into a messy conflict of elements.

Going through all these holiday hair styles doesn't seem to match with your short hair? Then make it big! Wear a headband with a bold flamboyant color, for a red dress wear emerald green or for a black dress wear metallic gold and then fluff out the hair at the back of the headband and set it in curls. Then you can really expect to make heads turn.

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Updated September 9, 2011

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