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Holiday Fashion Ideas

These holiday fashion ideas may inspire you If you get a frustrating sense of déjà vu going through the clothes stores and boutiques.

Holiday Style

Plowing through row upon row of blacks, reds, burgundy, silver and gold and all those flashy holidays on show, I can't help thinking, "Do I really need this?"

My inspiration these days for ideas has its roots more in the past than in the present.

Holiday Fashion

My favorite periods are the early '30s and late '50s, and those designers that find inspiration in the fashions of those times.

Designers such as Prada, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, Phillip Lim, Derek Lam or Alberta Ferretti make my day, the times when I go shopping for the holiday seasons or look through magazines for holiday fashion ideas.

And then there is Audrey Hepburn and Millicent Rogers (that socialite you might want to find more about).

These two are my favorite all-time icons for style and chic and Millicent Rogers in particular had the flair for mixing the yin with the yang or the masculine with the feminine, the new with the old and the preppy with the ethnic, all to such telling effect.

If you are looking for that effortless flair and the chic and eclectic, or cross-gender elegance in holiday fashion ideas today you have to look to Chloe Sevigny, Kate Moss or Uma Thurman.


Vera Wang Gown

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Updated May 7, 2012

These ideas that I love may work for you this holiday season, depending what age you are and your figure:

Wear a fluidly loose-fitting mini-dress or one that reaches down to the knees, one with a '20s or '30s vintage theme and beaded or sequined.

Black and opaque stockings, even the nude leg, will look great with the style. For the shorter dress, stylish over-the-knee boots will make an exciting combination.

For the yin and yang effect, wear a crisp, white shirt tailored in the classic fashion and pair it with a long, stylish and extra-feminine skirt. And oh, remember to flip up the shirt's collar!

How about a '30s inspired bathing suit? Vintage bathing suits will always looks surprising, and they're especially suitable for women who prefer a bit more coverage during summer.


Alberta Ferretti Gown

Have you ever Googled '50s fashion? If you do so, you'll be amazed at how uber-feminine those dresses look!

The highly voluminous bottoms of the dresses make for perfect concealers for all those areas of your body you're not completely proud of.

Accessorized with a nice pair of heels and borrowing a '50s inspired hairstyle, you'll make a refined appearance.