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Hirsutism And Hair Removal

hair removalMany people with an abundance of hair on their face or body have a condition that is known as hirsutism. Although found in people of both genders, it is seen more often in women. The good news is that there are ways to treat this medical condition.

Females who have been diagnosed with hirsutism generally have hair that is both thick and dark on their faces, stomachs, back and even on their chest.

Women who have hirsutism may also have an abundance of male hormones as well as a deeper voice, acne, irregular menstrual cycles, and more muscle mass than normal.

What is hirsutism? Sometimes, hirsutism is caused by an overreaction in the hair follicles to the small amount of male hormones, which are actually naturally found in females.

At times, certain medications allow the symptoms of hirsutism to become noticed. This is found for some women when they use birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy or anabolic steroids.

Once the medication is no longer taken, the symptoms of hirsutism should vanish as well.

There is evidence that shows that there is a possibility that hirsutism can be a hereditary condition.

This is thought to be true because in generations of females with this condition often times there are many females who have it within one family.

Hirsutism can be directly related to your weight. When a woman if overweight, her body can set off a greater than normal amount of male hormones. Visiting your doctor for a personalized diet and exercise regimen can prove to be very helpful. As you loose weight, the hormone levels in your body will go down causing your excess hair growth to stop.

There are many women with hirsutism who opt to shave as a method of hair removal. Although this will make the hair less noticeable, you must be prepared to make shaving a part of your daily routine or you will be left with stubble hairs.

Depilatories, and hair removal creams are also methods for removing hair when you have Hirsutism. Before using any chemical hair remover always do a skin test and then wait at least 24 hours to see if you have a bad reaction to the product.

If you opt instead to simply lighten the hair as much as possible, a product with bleach will be what you are looking for. Just ensure that you also do a skin test for a negative reaction.

Avoid plucking or waxing the affected area. That is because these methods increase the blood flow, which can actually cause more hair to grow.

Electrolysis is another way that you can rid your body of hair due to hirsutism. Electrolysis will actually kill the hair follicle using a touch of electricity. Laser hair removal treatments use a small laser beam, which destroys the hair follicle and forces it to fall out.

The downside to electrolysis and laser treatments is the high cost. You also may find that you end up with a rash, discolored skin or even scars.

There are times when your doctor will prescribe medication such as an anti-androgen to treat your hirsutism. The anti-androgen will decrease the male hormone levels and over time new hair growth will slow down a lot.

Hirsutism And Hair Removal
Always keep in mind that even though excessive hair growth caused by hirsutism can be intrusive and not easy to talk about, there are treatments and help that can rid your life of this condition.


Hirsutism And Hair Removal

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