Helen Hunt Hairstyles, Simple But Classic

helen hunt hairstyleHelen Hunt has a hairstyle that really goes to show that even with fine locks you can still have a marvelous look. Far in the past are the times when it was thought that your tresses needed to be medium or thick to have anything other than a drab hairstyle.

There are two important ‘rules’ that you should keep in mind when working with your own fine hair. Styling products are a woman’s best friend as well as knowing the right one’s to use. This is even truer when it comes to tresses that are fine.

The other important thing to know is that the right haircut will make a world of difference. Fine does not have to equal flat hair with zero body and limp style. Ladies with fine hair can wear a hairstyle like Helen Hunt’s very easily.

As mentioned, styling products such as gel wax, volumizer, mousse and more will aid you greatly in shaping a style for your fine hair. However, you will need to be careful that you do not go overboard with the amount of product that you use.

An abundance of styling products on fine locks like Helen Hunt’s will only weigh your hair down in an unflattering manner and leave it limp and lifeless.

helen hunts medium length hairstyleAlthough still attractive, Helen Hunt’s nose is prominent, and she uses her hairstyle wonderfully to downplay this feature. If you have facial features that you want to show off like luscious full lips or other’s that you wish to play down such as your nose, the proper haircut for you will make that possible.

Helen Hunt’s hairstyle features layers from the mid-length down throughout the ends. This is a terrific choice to bring life to any amount of natural wave that your hair may hold.

This hairstyle is all about softness, waves and natural beauty. Helen’s bangs have been directed gently to the side with a mild flip to continue the softness throughout the entire hairstyle.

Even though we have been speaking about women with fine hair, Helen Hunt’s hairstyle can be worn by ladies with virtually any hair type and facial shape.

Helen Hunt wore her shoulder length locks in this soft and gently wavy hairstyle when she attended the 13th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Her gown and make-up also work together to flatter the softness of this hairstyle.


Styling Steps - Helen Hunt's Hairstyle

Style Hair Steps After washing and removing excess moisture from your hair, apply a small dollop of straightening balm to your hair after the product has been rubbed between your hands.
Style Hair Steps With the end of your comb, you will want to create a right part. You do this by locating the middle of your right eye and pulling the comb straight back until you have an even right part.
Style Hair StepsA round brush will be used while blow-drying to work out any waves or curls or to implement body, depending on what your hair type is.
Style Hair StepsYou will want to use the round brush to dry your back, crown and sides under. Lift at the roots so you will be left with plenty of volume.
Style Hair StepsWhile drying your bangs, direct them forward and to the left gently.
Style Hair StepsUse a large barreled curling iron to create waves from the mid-length of your hair down to the ends.
Style Hair StepsWith a dab of gel wax on your fingers, piece and pinch your ends until you are happy with them.
Style Hair StepsMist with hairspray for lasting hold.


helen hunts medium length classic hairstyle
helen hunt medium length hairstyle
helen hunts hairstyle
helen hunt curly hairstyle


Helen Hunt Hairstyles

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