Healthy Hair Tips

We have all seen hundreds of healthy hair tips in magazines and online. But do they actually work or are they just tales told by bored housewives? Well, the following should separate the myths from reality.

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Do These Tips For Healthy Hair Work?

100 Brush Strokes to Healthy Hair

One of the oldest healthy hair tips is brushing your hair at night with 100 strokes. Fairy tale princesses always seemed to spend hours brushing their silky locks. But hairstylist Mauricio Ribeiro of B2V Salon in West Hollywood says excessive brushing actually causes the hair to break and develop split ends. That's not to say you should avoid brushing altogether.

Before bed, a minute of brushing helps spread natural oils from the roots all over to the ends of your hair. This will aid you to prevent dry tips and an oily scalp. Ribeiro also suggests brushing your hair with a paddle brush made of a combination of synthetic and natural bristles made of boar's hair, the latter adding shine to the hair.

Trim to Speed up Hair Growth

According to Allen Edwards, a famous hairstylist catering to the needs of celebs like Kirsten Dunst and Brooke Shields, a little trim won't facilitate growth. What it will do though is remove split ends. The average hair growing rate is about half an inch per month, so the length will return quickly anyway.

Lemon Streaking

It is true that fresh lemon juice will lighten your locks in the sun. However, before you run out and stock up the lemons, Ribeiro warns that the action of the lemon's acidity and the harmful UV rays will make your hair a lot dryer, so much so that it can lead to breakage.

A better alternative is to use a home highlighting kit. You could also go to your regular hair salon to add subtle highlights. Placing a few streaks where the sun has direct action on the hair like small areas of the crown and your bangs will give you sun-kissed tresses that look very natural.

Mayonnaise - a Natural Conditioner Mask

This is one of the healthy hair tips that is true. The egg yolks, vinegar and oil contained by mayonnaise can become an organic conditioning treatment, according to Diana Schmidtke, a renowned hairstylist based in LA whose clients include Josh Duhamel and George Clooney.

Spoon the mayo onto your hair and evenly work it through using a comb with wide teeth. Then cover your hair with a plastic wrap and let the mixture soak in for about 15 minutes. You can use a blow-dryer during the last few minutes to make sure the mayo penetrates the hair shaft but make sure you don't apply too much heat on the plastic wrap. Use a shampoo right after this hair treatment and style as you wish.

Flat Hair? Try Baby Powder

Believe it or not, according to Schmidtke, this is one of the oldest hair tips there is. Baby powder absorbs hair oils resulting in a bit of added volume. However, you should avoid looking like Marie Antoinette by using only a small amount of powder. You can also pay a visit to your local beauty shop and look for colored powders.

One Gray Out, Two Return

The sole thing that will cause your hair to turn grayer is sitting in tension, worrying about how your hair currently looks. Actually, the hair turns when pigment-producing cells located in your hair follicles cease producing pigment. Why do some people turn gray sooner than others? The answer is in their genes. Salt and pepper not the style you want? You can apply a semi-permanent hair color that keeps your locks looking great for up to 12 washes.

Cold Water Equals Shiny Hair

Christopher Dove, the secondary owner of The Doves Studio located in Santa Monica, California, confirms this to be true. Cold water tends to flatten the hair cuticle, thus providing a softer surface that also reflects light a lot better.

Hair and the Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillow case won't absorb the natural oils of your hair nor will it provide a matte effect to your hair during your sleep. Dianna Schmidtke adds that it won't guarantee an end to the frizzes or matted hair, but at least your hairdo will have increased staying power.

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Updated September 9, 2011

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