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Healthy Hair Care

Healthy hair care can give you great looking locks and is the end result of intelligent daily care and savvy styling.

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy and Some Styling Tips

Healthy hair care comes first, because you simply cannot properly style hair that lacks natural body, lustre, and manageability, which is why we've devoted so much of our discussion thus far to the basics of everyday maintenance.

Many products are out on the market to replace the protein in the cortex of the hair shaft by coating the hair shaft.

A healthy diet with lots of protein is great for your hair. Think chicken, fish, beans, soy, tofu, and yogurt for healthy hair care and a healthy diet. Remember to exercise to keep your body healthy. Remember: healthy diet = healthy body = healthy hair!

Get plenty of sleep. It's a known fact that to grow hair faster, hair needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day.

Drink a minimum of eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Water will aid in the hydration of your skin, hair, and nails! Caffeine and carbonated sodas can block your maximum hair growth potential.

Keeping your hair trimmed is very much a part of healthy hair care. A good trim will help prevent the ends from splitting upward and causing the hair shaft to become even more damaged. Be gentle with your hair when handling it. Don't rush to detangle it.

Use the proper comb to avoid pulling your hair. A pickcomb is great! This is a large-tooth comb with teeth that are widely spread apart. Do not use hair brushes.

The bristles of hair brushes can actually pull out your hair with every stroke and the more you brush, the more hair you can pull out. If you must use a brush, use a baby's brush to smooth the edges of your hair around your face and forehead.

Try to avoid using heat on the hair. Blow dryers and curling irons cause excessive heat to the hair shafts. This excessive heat causes hair shafts to become weak and brittle, which can cause hair damage and lead to hair breakage.

If you wear your hair in a style that has gorgeous corn- rows or braids, be sure to protect your scalp between the cornrows by applying a scalp protector to the exposed portion of your scalp. This can prevent a painful burn on your head.

Remember to condition your hair after washing. A secret of mine is to put conditioner in my hair before going to sleep at night and allow it to absorb all night into those curly locks.

The next morning when I awake, I simply shampoo it out and pouf I have well conditioned healthy hair.

Hopefully, these healthy hair care tips will help you establish a regimen that keeps your hair clean and strong, yet soft and nicely lubricated too.

Once you reach that point, you're ready to optimize the appearance of your healthy head of hair through creative styling.

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Updated February 23, 2012

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