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Health Spa

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The term 'health spa' is used with much abandon to describe a wide variety of spas.

Spas that offer treatments such as massage and holistic therapies could be described as health spas as they provide therapies that improve the body's well being and condition.

Equally those providing medical treatments such as osteopathy and dermatology could be described as such.

In fact, pretty much any spa could be called a health spa, as they are all designed to make the client feel better after receiving treatments than they did before.

However, perhaps a true health spa is one that encompasses all or many aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

From skin care to weight and healthy eating, massage, natural, medical and alternative therapies, exercise and spiritual well being.

New Age Health Spa

One such establishment is the New Age Health Spa. Set in 280 acres around Catskill Mountains of Sullivan County, New York State this destination spa has developed over many years into an establishment that truly deserves the title health spa.

In a typical week's stay at the New Age Spa a guest could expect to enjoy a wide variety of activities.

Facilities include gym and exercise studio, both indoor and outdoor swimming pools and whirlpool tubs, yoga and meditation center plus steam and sauna rooms.

Of course there are a wonderful selection of treatments available.

Applying Health Spa Facial Mask

Body scrubs, wraps and polishes, massages, reflexology, pedicures and manicures, not to mention hydro colon therapy, that abound alongside all manner of other activities designed to help improve the whole being, Reiki, Shiatsu and Acupuncture are available.

Private tuition for pilates, dance and gyrotonic workout. Whilst classes in every conceivable form of exercise style from belly dancing to cardio-box are on offer.

There are educational seminars and an abundance of low fat, sugar and cholesterol foods prepared by talented chefs who prove that healthy eating can also be interesting; whilst outdoors guests can enjoy the Alpine Tower Climb, aerobic walks, tennis or even cross country skiing.

For Health And Wellness

Natural Hot Spring Spas

Another type of spa that can wear the 'health' badge with pride are the natural hot spring spas found throughout the world.

Since Roman times these hot springs been used to effectively relieve aches and pains, and arguably enjoy various medicinal benefits.

Health Spa SceneCalifornia is positively awash with these miracles of nature, and many have been harnessed for the pleasure and well being of man.

Solage Calistoga in the Napa Valley, famous for it's geysers, hot marshlands and mineral waters. It boasts geothermal, hot therapy and cold plunge pools alongside their mudslide experience.

The Two Bunch Palms in Desert Hot Springs, with it's hot spring pool that has been a haven of calm much sought after by celebrities for many years, whilst the remote Harbin Hot Springs in Lake County, where Watsu aquatic body workouts originated and a naturist attitude towards bathing is encouraged, has been welcoming guests for well over 100 years.

These natural hot spring resorts extend across the US. The Glenwood Hot Springs opened recently in Colorado and the Quapaw Baths and Spa in Hot Springs National Park Arkansas, built in 1922 and re-opened in May 2008, complete with thermal pools, fountains and whirlpools.

The Homestead Hot Springs in Virginia offer rejuvenating treatments in their Jefferson Pools, named after Thomas Jefferson who patronized them in the early 1900s.

Relaxed Client At Health Spa

Whether man or Mother Nature has designed the health spa you visit, you can be assured of a restorative treatment that will aid recovery, improvement or replenishment for even the most world weary of bodies.

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