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Hate New Haircut, Maybe You Can Learn to Love It!

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brides hairstyles
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Hate Your New Haircut?  Maybe You Can Learn to Love It!

How You Can Overcome the Shock of a Disappointing Hairdo

A new hairdo can be quite a shocker especially if you've always had long, flowy hair. Whether it's because the outcome is a bad haircut or you simply regret cutting it short, there are ways to improve the way you feel about your new short haircut. What most people do and what you must utterly avoid is panicking.

You are not dealing with a life threatening or disastrous situation, even though you may believe your haircut is a disaster.

First of all, you need to let some time pass and try to reassess your hairdo from a new perspective. You can influence the way you feel about your haircut, and what better way to change your opinion than to listen to your friends and close ones?

Get their objective and honest opinions, especially since you're probably not used to having short hair and you can't see the beauty in it. Try to see if they can appreciate the change and motivate you to believe in your new haircut.

Wash your Hair to have a Clearer View of the Situation

hate new haircutYou need to keep in mind that the way your hair looks once you leave the hair saloon will not necessarily be the same as the appearance of your hair once you give it a good shampooing. Think about all the hair products that have been applied by your hairdresser and the way he styled your hair.

This will make you believe in the possibility of liking your hairdo better once it's washed and blow-dried. Use a quality clarifying shampoo, followed by a good conditioner. Dry your hair using the blow drier and comb your hair with your fingers to feel the haircut and determine its features. Even if you still don't like it, you can style it however you want to give it a more appealing shape.

Browse through Hairstyle Magazines

Magazines are full of haircuts that may resemble your own. You can also look for pictures with celebrities wearing similar hairdos. This will give you a clearer picture on the appearance of your own haircut, as well as some ideas on how to style it to motivate you to like it better. Go through the styling steps suggested in the magazine and experiment until you're satisfied with the result.

Ear Jewelry can Really Make a Difference

Have you even considered what a major change a pair of beautiful earrings achieve for your appearance? Having your hair cut short is a wonderful opportunity for going out on an intense shopping session. Looking for the cutest earrings will definitely boot your mood, as well as your self-confidence, and you'll be able to flash your new earrings and get tons of compliments about your new look.

If You Still Hate it… If nothing can convince you that your new short haircut looks flattering on you, you can always rely on hair extensions to change your appearance. These are expensive and require a lot of time to be properly placed within your hair, yet there are other simpler and more convenient options that you might want to consider including using synthetic hair clips or purchasing a chic looking wig to conceal your hairdo.



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