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A hand model is one aspect of parts modeling that is quite popular. The world of modeling is vast and diverse. There is more to modeling than strutting down the runway, and parts modeling is a very important division in the modeling field. 

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For those who've considered this area you might have wondered what the job entails or how to enter the field. It's true that parts models don't receive the recognition that super models garnish, but that doesn't mean that hand modeling isn't a lucrative field.

In fact, for the right person, this section of modeling can reward you with many benefits, including financial. Your first step is in determining if you truly want to become a hand parts model.

Begin by looking through various magazine ads as well as television commercials. Assess the hands being used in these ads. Ask yourself if your hands look similar to those being used. This is a great way to determine whether or not you have what it takes. 

The Appearance Of Your Hands

The physical appearance of your hands and fingernails will be the deciding factor on whether you have a potential career in parts modeling. The skin and tone of the hands must be smooth and without any blemishes. This includes freckles and moles, as well as calluses or warts. Most models have long fingers without noticeable knuckles. 

Protruding veins or knuckles that are rough is not desirable in models. Not only must the skin of the hands be flawless, but also the fingernails must have a natural, nice shape. 

There are fingernails that are considered naturally long, and these are preferable for modeling. The nails must also grow health and strong and not break easily. Hand and parts models are male as well as female, and male hands must also be flawless, or should they be exceptionally hairy. 

Male Hand Models

Males who are interested in hand modeling should avoid work that can cause the hands to become rough, damaged or their nails stained with oils or grease.

Deciding to become a parts model is a commitment that impacts every area of your life. Only those who are serious about making this commitment will find success.

Teen Models

If you are under eighteen years of age, you will need to wait until you reach eighteen to become a parts model. It's important to realize that the need for hand and parts models reaches to different genders as well as ethnic groups. The need for parts models of all different ethnicity is great enabling many people to seek a career as a model. 

Once you're sure that you'd like to be a parts model, it's important to find an agency that specializes in hands. Always verify the agency's standing with the Better Business Bureau to prevent dealing with scams. Call the agency and find out if they have an open call or if you should just send photos. 

Many parts modeling agencies will simply request to review photos that you've taken in natural sunlight. Don't hesitate to ask the modeling agency any questions that you might have.

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