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Half Back Half Down Hairstyle

Lynda Carter Half Back Hairstyle

Lynda Carter inspired many women in her Wonder Woman days and continues to do so well into her fifties.

half back half down hairstyle











Lynda’s half back, half down hairstyle showcases her classic beauty and breathtaking features perfectly. When you have a feature that is complimentary, it is very becoming if you wear your locks in a style to call attention to that certain feature.

In Lynda Carter’s case, it is her bright, brilliant eyes. With her hair half back, half down, your attention is certainly drawn to her eyes and permit you to see how lovely that they are.

Half Down Hairstyle

Lynda Carter’s half back, half down hairstyle features very long layers that make her cascading curls full of body and bounce.

Enjoy, This Half Back Half Down Hairstyle






style steps hairstyles for older women
Wash your hair with products created for your individual hair type

Use a wide tooth comb to detangle your tresses and then disperse a palmful of styling mousse evenly throughout your damp locks

Blow dry your hair in very small sections so that it is easier to manage.

With a large round brush, lift your hair at the forward and towards the back of your head. Your sides can be alternately dried back and then down

Once your hair is completely dry, brush the sides back and secure the top half of your hair either with barrettes on the side of your head or a clip or coated elastic at the back of your head

Take a large barrelled curling iron and create ringlets around your head wherever you want them

Comb through your curls just slightly with your fingers

Use a very small dab of styling pomade rubbed between your hands and then smooth over your hair from the mid length on down.

This will prevent frizz and help hold your curls.

You can opt to pinch the ends of your hair for some definition if you want Mist lightly with hairspray

Half Back Half Down Hairstyle

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