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Show your style is all about hairstyles from visitors just like you. No super models, celebrities or movie stars on these pages. These are the styles and haircuts of real people who do not have a five member style team touching up their hair seconds before the pictures were taken.

Who can submit a story and pictures? Anybody and everybody! Men, women, teenage boys, teenage girls, and parents can submit kids, both for a boy or girl. What kind of styles can be sent in? Anything and everything!

worlds hairstyles

From extreme alternative to your version of a bob. Hair length can be short, medium, long or a asymmetrical combination of all three. Perhaps you would like to share and tell about your new color, a complete color change, new highlights, or under color.

Do you have long side swept bangs or maybe Bettie bangs for a page on bangs and fringes. Bald is the new cool, men's and women's bald styles are welcome and if you have a scalp tattoo, please include a view. This will give you some ideas of hairstyles, if you do not see your style below, not to worry, simply send it in and it will be placed where it best "fits"

I am looking forward to seeing styles from around the world and how the popular hairstyles are personalized by each of you. If you were inspired by a hairstyle or haircut you loved at one of the hairstyle galleries or one of the articles here at Beauty And The Bath, let us know!

Featured Style - Brad's Disconnected Stacked Bob

back view mens disconnected stacked bob

Hi, my name is Brad and I am 37 years old from Philadelphia. I recently had my hair cut into a disconnected stacked bob and I love it. The back is my favorite so I decided to show this view.

I use a light smoothing serum on damp hair and blow dry while creating lift at the crown. If I want extra volume I will back comb at the crown and finish off with hairspray. This is an easy style to maintain and styling time is short. Thank you and happy hairstyling!

Show Your Style And Share Your Story ~ The World's Styles

So, no matter how you say hairstyle, be it:

Dansk (Danish) n. - frisure Nederlands (Dutch) haarstijl, kapsel, haardracht Français (French) n. - coiffure, coupe de cheveux Deutsch (German) n. - Frisur Ελληνική (Greek) n. - κόμμωση, χτενισιά Italiano (Italian) acconciatura Português (Portuguese) n. - estilo (m) de penteado, moda (f) Русский (Russian) прическа Español (Spanish) n. - peinado Svenska (Swedish) n. - frisyr 中文(简体) (Chinese (Simplified)) 发型 中文(繁體) (Chinese (Traditional)) n. - 髮型 한국어 (Korean) n. - 머리형, 헤어스타일 日本語 (Japanese) n. - ヘアスタイル, 髪型 العربيه (Arabic) ‏(الاسم) تسريحه الشعر, طريقه ترتيب الشعر‏ עברית (Hebrew) n. - ‮עיצוב שיער

We would love to see yours!


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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 12, 2015

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