Hairstyles For Round Faces

Many individuals search for years for the perfect hairstyle only to come up disappointed time and time again.

These individuals may experiment with many different colors, lengths, cuts, perms, and more.

However, if a person fails to consider the shape of their face when selecting a hairstyle, it is extremely likely that disappointment will always be experienced when it comes to the hair style.

Finding an appropriate hairstyle is based on the simple concept of shape and the geometrical relevance of the shape of the head and face. Here, we will examine hairstyles for round face shapes.

The person who has a round face normally has a wide face. Please keep in mind that this is, in no way, a reflection of weight.

It is simply a reference to the overall shape and appearance of the face itself.

Individuals who have a round face generally have a width that should be considered when choosing the appropriate hairstyle.

The hairstyle for this person should include one that reduces the appearance of width and increases the appearance of length. 

This hairstyle will compliment the appearance and basic geometry of the individual.

There are many hairstyles for round face shape that should be completely avoided. Naturally, hair styles that tend to "puff out” the sides of the hair should be avoided.

This, of course, is due to the fact that these hairstyles add to the overall width of the face.

Hairstyles that are cut relatively short should be avoided at all costs with the individual who has a round face shape.

It is equally important to avoid having extremely long bangs and parting your hair to the side as this will make the face appear wider.

paula abdul round face shape

Choosing Your Style

When choosing a hairstyle for the round face shape, the most important thing that you must remember is to add height to your style.

The higher the hair, the longer the face will appear. It is important to remember to keep the hair as close to the cheeks as possible in order to maximize the appearance of having a narrower face.

This means that the sides of the hair should be kept flat and as close to the inner part of the face as possible.

If this is achieved, the appearance of having a face that is longer and narrower will also be achieved.

In order to reduce the appearance of width, hairstyles for round face shape should not include bangs.

However, if you truly want to include bangs, there are many ways that you can do so. First, you can tuck bangs behind your ears.

Secondly, you have the option of parting your hair evenly, and wearing bangs on either side of your face.

Both of these methods are extremely effective when it comes to ensuring that the face does not appear wide and round.

When it comes to choosing the right hairstyle for your face, remember that it is important to consider the general size and shape of your face.

Hairstyles Round Faces, The Right And Wrong Styles For Your Round Face Shape

The Right Style For Short Lengths

right style for short lengths

This short hairstyle adds height and makes this round models face appear longer than it actually is.

Women with round facial shapes need to add height not width, which is what this hairstyle will do 

The Right Style For Medium Lengths

the right style for medium lengths

This hairstyle with no bangs will show more forehead and create the illusion of a longer shape.

With sides pulled back behind the ears help to slim the face down and gives the appearance of an oval shape.

A off center part helps to divide your face evenly making it also appear longer rather than wider. 

The Right Style For Long Lengths

the right style for long lengths

A round face shape can look terrific with a softly layered look.

A center part divides the face into two longer sections while the no bangs style dos not compromise any vertical length.

Straightening this hairstyle would actually be even more slim in design but this style shows a good example of how shape is everything in your hairstyle design.

The Wrong Style For Short Lengths

wrong style for short lengths

The full heavy bangs in this hairstyle make the model's face shorter while the sides that kick out further promote width.

The overall result is a face that appears even rounder and wider. This is not a good style for round face shapes

The Wrong Style For Medium Lengths

the wrong style for medium lengths

The bangs in this style shorten the face and the hair that flips out at chin length only accentuates the faces roundness and width.

When you add width instead of length to a round facial shape you reverse the desired effect.

Even though this is a trendy hairstyle, it is not a good choice for your round face shape.

The Wrong Style For Long Lengths

wrong style for long lengths

This hairstyle once again adds width to the sides of face creating a face that looks very round and larger.

The bangs cover up the face and forehead too much making this style unsuitable for round face shapes.

Pairing a round hairstyle with a round face shape does not work for hair of any length.

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