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A Chic Chin Length Bob Hairstyle

A smooth, chin length bob is a great hairstyle for the mature woman. This hairstyle would suit a woman with an oblong, square, oval or diamond shaped face and fine to medium texture hair. Bobs are in fashion right now and this hairstyle can take literally years off your face.

hairstyles older womenWorn either polished and sleek or casual and tucked behind the ear, the bob has been a popular hairstyle for almost a century and is a simple, flattering and also versatile style for almost any woman.

A bob can be shorter than chin length or even shoulder length but just under the chin is the best cut for a slightly older woman since it can discretely hide a dropping jaw line whilst still looking chic and gently framing the face.

Bobs first came into vogue in the 1920s as part of the flapper look. Vidal Sassoon once again brought them into fashion in the 1960s, with his geometric cuts.

A concave bob with bangs is a brilliant way to flatter a high hairline and the smooth finish around the face complements the facial features.

This is a polished, clean look and you will need to perfect it with hair irons each day unless your hair is naturally poker straight. A cut every four to six weeks will keep this style looking sharp and you can use pomade, wax or polish cream to make your hair glossy.

For color, solid tones in brown and red look good with the classic chin length bob, as does a subtle blonde shade, but if you want highlights, narrow and fine ones look best with this cut, rather than anything too chunky.

How to Style a Bob

Once your hair has been cut like this, it is fairly easy to style. If your hair is not naturally straight and does not fall naturally into place, you will need to blow dry your hair after washing it with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. Using these products to wash your hair means you can use less time and product when styling it.

style steps Apply straightening balm and then part your hair to the right.
style steps Using a medium radial brush, blow dry the back of the head, the sides, the top and then the bangs.
style steps Use a straightening iron to smooth out any waves and apply smoothing shine for a glossy finish.
style steps For a less flyaway finish, apply wax to the hairstyle after straightening it, then smoothing spray before finishing with a squirt of hairspray to make sure every hair stays in place. This is the best way to keep this style looking good if you are going to be outdoors for part of the day.

It is unlikely that the bob will ever go out of fashion. This clean, simple style has been popular for many years and modern variations are complimentary to both young women and the more mature woman.

From the simple, clean cuts of the 1920s to Victoria Beckham's chic asymmetric cut, the bob is designed to flatter nearly any woman who craves its simple lines and chic versatility.
Enjoy, Bob Hairstyles Older Women


hairstyles older women


Hairstyles Older Women

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