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Hairstyles Martina Mcbride

Martina Mcbride

Martina McBride is one country singing sensation who looks beautiful no matter how she wears her hair,
however, it is easy to see why her long, wavy hairstyle is a favourite with many.

martina mcbride long soft curls










It is no wonder that people think that Martina McBride’s long, wavy locks are lovely! Her hair cascades casually- yet alluringly past her shoulders in a style that is both elegant and yet still unpretentious.

Do not let the fact that Martina McBride is a celebrity intimidate you, you too can have her hairstyle with only a little effort on your part.

Although Martina McBride opts to part her long, wavy hair in the middle, you could choose instead for a part to either side or even one that is off center.

This hairstyle is still completely obtainable even if you have bangs or a fringe as well. Martina McBride’s long, wavy hairstyle is made possible largely in part to long layers cut throughout.

These layers offer enhancement to waves and the ability to allow natural kink to shine through with ease.

If you do not have waves naturally, you can easily achieve as much as you want through the use of a medium to large barrelled curling iron and some styling product. A long, wavy hairstyle like Martina’s is an exceptional choice for her music industry events, as is it for when she is just hanging around home with her family. You too can wear a long, wavy hairstyle such as this one on any occasion that you like.

Even though this look is perfect as is, dressing it up or down is simple and will make a huge difference which is fantastic for those who crave versatility in their look. With some simple hair jewellery you could create an elegant updo or pull your locks back and have a chic, easy ponytail, your options are limitless.

If the length and cut are something that captivates your attention but your hair is stick straight, you can still make use of a style like Martina’s. Just skip adding waves and enjoy a sleek, glossy style!

Styling Steps ~ Martina Mcbride's Featured Style

style steps Wash and Condition your hair with products that are appropriate for your hair type

style steps Spritz in a leave in conditioner to help promote healthy locks and then detangle gently with a wide tooth comb

style steps Work a golf ball sized dollop of mousse throughout your hair

style steps Use the tail end of a comb to create your part where desired

style steps Blow dry your hair on a medium setting, scrunching gently with your fingers, you can even bend forward at the waist to encourage some extra volume if you want

style steps Once your hair is completely dry, work in small sections around your head with a large barrel curling iron

style steps Comb with your fingers and arrange your hair as you wish


Mist with a spray shine for gloss and or hairspray for hold

For additional volume, back comb gently at the crown for height

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Hairstyles Martina Mcbride

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