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Hairstyles For Triangle Face Shapes

kathy ireland celebrity triangle face shapeThe shape of the face should be the starting point when it comes to the perfect hairstyle for you. While many consider the texture, color, and length of the hair first, it is important to ensure that that these are considered last.

If you have a triangular shape face, you know and understand the complications that are involved in selecting the most appropriate hairstyle.

Here, we are going to share with you some information as it pertains to hairstyles for triangular face shapes.

You will learn the hairstyles that seem to be most effective for these individuals, as well as those hairstyles that seem to do no justice for this type of face.

The triangular face shape is much like that of the heart shaped face in that it is widest in the area of the forehead and narrow at the area of the chin and lower jaw.

These facial shapes have really dominant jaw lines and many who experience this facial type often wish to reduce the exposure to this area of the face.

It has been discovered that hairstyles that widen the area around the forehead are generally more productive when it comes to faces that are shaped like a triangle. This helps to reduce the visibility of the dominant jaw line. It is the goal of the hairstyle for this shaped face to distract the chin area by opening up the forehead area.

Many hairstylists agree that it is better to have a hairstyle that is short in length and open at the top of the face rather than closing up the forehead area and opening up the bottom of the face.

Bangs that are teased in an upright position are much more effective than bangs that are combed down over the forehead. Hair that is cut and layered around the facial area and kept open at the top are much more appropriate hairstyles than straight cuts with bangs that wisp down over the face.

These hairstyles bring out the upper area of the face and reduce the overall visibility of the strong jaw line.

Many individuals who have this particular facial type tend to prefer long hair. There are many productive long hairstyles that can compliment the triangle shaped face.

One great example includes the hairstyle that is relatively long, and has a number of large, natural waves. You should part the hair in the middle in order to bring out the forehead and allow the rest of your hair to fall gently over your shoulders. This look really brings out the natural beauty and appeal of the triangle shaped face.

As you can see, there are many different methods of styling your hair when you have a triangle face shape. Listed here are some of the many examples that are quite popular when it comes to hairstyles for triangular face shapes.

If you are looking to maximize the potential of your beauty, it may be appropriate to consider some of these outstanding hairstyles. You are sure to be extremely pleased with the results.

Short Hairstyles For Triangle Face Shapes



The Wrong Short Hairstyle
The short hairstyle here is a perfect example of what does not flatter a triangular face shape.The heavy bangs fall forward almost in the eyes making the face appear both wider and shorter. The short layered in sides make the jaw area appear wider and larger than it is. The overall geometry of this style is all wrong as this example shows.


The Right Short Hairstyle
This models face looks balanced and proportioned with this short layered hairstyle. This short style perfectly places hair exactly where she needs it. No bangs create the illusion of a longer face and focus attention to the forehead instead of the jaw line. Cutting heavy top layers allows the hair to be fuller and rounder rounder above the ears.


Medium Length Hairstyles For Triangle Face Shapes



The Wrong Medium Hairstyle
The illusion created here is just too square and too long. The sides of this style make a naturally large jaw area appear even larger, the heavy front bangs make this triangle face shape even wider and shorter which will draw focus to the sides and width.
This style is at the top of the list for wrong styles for you, the style follows and accentuates the facial shape instead of adjusting it.


The Right Medium Hairstyle
This is a good match of hairstyle and face shape.The sides are allowed to fall softly onto and away from the jaw line creating cover where needed. A side swept bang works well to draw attention to the eyes by creating a diagonal direction. A zig zag part creates the height and works to build length into this style. This all over rounded shape frames this triangular face nicely.


Long Hairstyles For Triangle Face Shapes



The Wrong Long Hairstyle
Triangular facial shapes are pear shaped, narrowest at the top forehead area and widest at the chin area or jaw line. This long hairstyle also follows that same shape. Ideally the style should instead be the reverse, meaning adding hair not at the bottom but through the top side areas. Also with this style style kicking out at the bottom and sides further attention is drawn to the jaw and heavy bangs, although swept to the side, still make the model's face appear wider and shorter.


The Right Long Hairstyle
A soft wavy long long shows howe to create a hairstyle that suits triangular face shapes. The soft waves of this style give a naturally soft appearance that can fall nicely due to layering. A center part also helps to top divide the face into two long narrow portions that create the illusion of length. This hairstyle will also work well with both curly and straight hair textures



Hairstyles For Triangle Face Shapes

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The remaining three show the correct short, medium, or long hairstyle
for a triangular face shape


hairstyle gallery for triangle face shapes
  • Short-hairstyle-triangle-face-shape-bad
    The Wrong Short Hairstyle
  • Short-hairstyle-triangle-face-shape-good
  • Short-hairstyle-triangle-face-shape-good
  • Short-hairstyle-triangle-face-shape-good

  • Medium-hairstyle-triangle-face-shape-bad
    The Wrong Medium Length Hairstyle
  • Medium-hairstyle-triangle-face-shape-good
  • Medium-hairstyle-triangle-face-shape-good
  • Medium-hairstyle-triangle-face-shape-good

  • Long-hairstyle-triangle-face-shape-bad
    The Wrong Long Hairstyle
  • Long-hairstyle-triangle-face-shape-good
  • Long-hairstyle-triangle-face-shape-good
  • Long-hairstyle-triangle-face-shape-good



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Hairstyles For Triangle Face Shapes

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