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Hairstyles For Square Face Shapes

jessica simpson celebrity square face shapeRegardless of the size and shape of your face, there is a hairstyle that is meant just for you. This is true even if you have a square face shape. Many who experience a square face shape feel that there is absolutely no hairstyle that is suitable for them, but this is not true.

There are a number of great hairstyles that an individual can enjoy when their face is this shape.

Here, you will be introduced to some hairstyles that should be avoided when it comes to having a square face shape, and some hairstyles that will look great with this shaped face.

People who have square face shapes also have a strong jaw line. By downplaying the jaw line, one can create a smoother appearance as far as their face is concerned. It is extremely important to avoid hairstyles that are one length and short.

The most common of these hairstyles is the one length bob. This is particularly true when the hair is as short as the chin area or shorter.

Many individuals with square face shape have indulged in hair cuts that result in blunt shaped bangs. This is also considered to be an inappropriate hairstyle when it comes to square face shapes.

It has been discovered that individuals who engage in hairstyles that have a lot of texture and have square faces actually compliment their appearance.

Great textures for the hair include those that involve lots of curls, ends that are choppy, and thrown ends that curl up are great for resolving the appearance of a severely defined jaw line.

Not only do these hairstyles for square face shapes allow the facial area to appear smoother, but they also draw attention away from the face which can be extremely beneficial.

Adjusting the geometry of your face when it comes to hairstyles for square face shapes can be a lot of fun if you play around with the angle in which the hair flows.

For example, you can mix the components of bangs that free fall with the components of bangs that are angled in a diagonal method in order to create a unique appearance that actually takes away from the squareness that may appear in the face.

These types of hairstyles tend to frame the face in a shape and manner that is consistent with what one with a square face desires.

There are a number of appealing hairstyles for square face shapes. If you are looking to add width or height to your face, you have this ability by the hairstyle that you select.

If you wish to make your face appear smoother and reduce the appearance of your jaw line, this is possible too. It may take a little patience and creativity when looking to establish the perfect hairstyle square face shape but it is quite possible to do.

By taking the advice listed here and toying around with the ideas, you are sure to discover the perfect hairstyle that you have searched for.

About Short Hairstyles For Square Face Shapes



The Wrong Short Hairstyle
This short hair cut illustrates very well what you need to avoid on any square face shape. Notice the top area, even though it is on the wispy side it has a very square shape. The tapered short sides accentuate the squareness coming up from the jaw line and a square hairline makes this short haircut all wrong for square face shapes.




The Right Short Hairstyle
A short concave bob is a great choice of hairstyle for this models square face shape. With sides falling forward to soften jaw line, while the falling across diagonal bangs are ideal to minimize the squareness. This bob hairstyle creates an overall round appearance making it the right style for framing a square face shape. Other trendy short hairstyles that will also work include styles featuring soft wispy side parted swept across bangs with textures that are curly or wavy..


About Medium Length Hairstyles For Square Face Shapes



The Wrong Medium Hairstyle
This bob hairstyle screams all wrong as the shape of this medium cut only works to make this model's face shape look even more square. The length of her face is shortened by the bangs cut straight across and the chin length sides create extra width and draw attention to the jaw area that is not needed. Even the middle part makes The entire shape appears even more square by a center part.



The Right Medium Hairstyle
This hairstyle featuring soft wispy sides that fall onto the jaw line camouflaging squareness and a side part with side swept bangs create a diagonal illusion that loses any focus on squareness. Graduated sides and back angle upwards create a new shape to frame this model's square face. Try variations using different textures and slight length adjustments on yourself.



About Long Hairstyles For Square Face Shapes



The Wrong Long Hairstyle
Everything about this long hairstyle looks very heavy and solid. T he heavy bangs that would create a very square shape on their own are made worse yet by the straight one length sides and back. The end result is very hard, very square and very angular. A square face shape needs layers especially around the face and bangs need to be lighter and more across. This model is a good example of the wrong cut paired with the wrong face shape.


The Right Long Hairstyle
This is the right way to wear long hair for a square face shape. This soft long wavy hairstyle has side swept bangs making them just right for this models square face. Waves are open ended waves, which mean that they have curved lines that make them softer to the eye and not angular ones as in a straight hairstyle.. These across bangs will also help change the perception of shape to the eye making the face appear rounder rather than solid or square. Also try wispy face framing layers in straight, wavy or curly textures.

Hairstyles To Avoid ~ Hairstyles To Try

This hairstyles gallery will automatically forward or you can use the buttons in the top row to forward and reverse. The first style in each row is the one you want to avoid and the remaining three are good choices for square face shapes. You can also open a movable preview panel using the second button from the left.

hairstyles gallery for square face shapes


jessica simpson celebrity square face shape

Hairstyles For Square Face Shapes

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