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Hairstyles For Overweight Women

Hair is a woman’s crowning glory but figuring out the right hairstyles
for overweight women can prove difficult

hairstyles for overweight womenHairstyles can pull a viewer’s eyes toward various personal features and downplay some others that might not be so flattering. The key here is understanding that both the shape of a face and the shape of the body matter in how a hairstyle goes together. Additionally the occasion, your clothing, etc. can also become factors in creating the perfect look.

Full bodied women tend to have rounder faces so you want to seek out hairstyles that give the illusion of a longer, thinner face line. You also want to be cautious of any styles that may draw attention to any excess folds, facial lines, or puffiness. Don’t be discouraged – there really are a ton of good options that will end up making you feel and look your best.

One idea along this line would be a medium length shag cut. If the bangs get combed to the side, they’ll de-emphasize wide foreheads. Another example would be a Cybil Shepard flip, again done with medium-length hair that’s no longer than your shoulder blades. Keep this curl soft so it gently frames the face and neck.

While you might not think so at first, a traditional pixie cut is a great hairstyle for overweight women who have somewhat curly hair. In this case the focus will be your eyes and cheekbones. By comparison a bob hair cut is never a good choice. It does not give you any options for styling, and a bad bob style can’t be easily fixed.

Long hair can work for full figured women to. Layer it if you have a square face, or leave it one length for oval faces. The beauty of long hair is its flexibility.

You can try it in a variety of styles until you hit on the look for which you’re hoping. Parting your hair on the side helps greatly, whereas blunt bangs will NOT. Also, try to avoid too much curl and fluff as this can emphasize any excess weight you carry in your neck and chin. If you have naturally curly hair a straightening tool can help greatly to even that out.

The one place where curls can be worn successfully is on top of the head as this adds height. If you find that your hair does not have enough umph to keep the curls there, add some volumizer. No matter what hairstyle you choose, it’s important that you feel good about it.

Otherwise even the cleverest hairstyle for overweight women will fall short because there’s no confidence behind the locks. In terms of colors, highlights can be used to draw attention to your eyes. Combine this with a cheek bang (hair layered around the face from the chin up) and the results can be very pleasing.

Hairstyle Ideas For Overweight Women


hairstyle for overweight women bob hairstyle for overweight women shag hairstyle for overweight women
Short And Tapered
Short Bob
Trendy Shag
asymmetrical hairstyle for overweight women layered hairstyle for overweight women angled hairstyle for overweight women
Asymmetrical Lines
Choppy Layers
Face Flattering Angles


Hairstyles For Overweight Women

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