Hairstyles For Over 60

Holland Taylor's short, chic layers are an ideal example of hairstyles for over 60 and how you should alter your hair slightly as you age and that doing so does not have to downplay your beauty or sense of style. Holland's natural hair color is a rather coppery shade of red, as she has matured into her sixties however, she has done the wise thing and toned down her hue to a more strawberry blonde.

Hairstyles For Over 60

Mature women retain a much more youthful appearance when their hair color is softer as it is by far more flattering to their features. The cut that Holland Taylor wears is short, chic and abounding with layers. Through the top, the length is about five inches and tapers to two or three inches as it reaches the ends. There are many angles to this cut as well that offer the ability to style with youthful, fun flicks.


  • Your fingers can be used to evenly work styling mousse throughout damp, towel dried hair.
  • Attach a diffuser to your hair dry and work in small sections around your head using a round brush.
  • Lift your roots and throughout the crown with your brush while drying to add volume.
  • The ends of your hair should be flipped up and out as your drying.¬†You can also use your hands to scrunch your hair to create a tousled look.
  • Once your hair is all dry, apply a small amount of styling wax to your finger tips and work your way around your head scrunch and pinching lightly.
  • Make sure that you avoid your roots so that your hair does not become weighed down. The ends of your hair can be pinched for more defined flicks.

Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: January 29, 2015

Photo Credit:
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Hairstyles For Over 60