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Hairstyles For Oval Face Shapes

mariah carey celebrity oval face shapeWe all strive for the perfect hairstyle – regardless of who we are, or what we do. Having a hairstyle that is perfect for us makes us look great and feel really good too.

Many individuals have an oval face shape. For these individuals, just about any and every single hairstyle that you can think of is absolutely perfect.

This face shape is the one that every person wishes that they had because just about anything looks great in the way of hairstyles for these few, select individuals. Here, you will learn more about hairstyles for oval face shape.

If you have an oval face shape, nearly every hairstyle that you will experiment with will be absolutely beautiful. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing the appropriate hairstyle.

First, you should be proud that you have the absolute perfect face shape. Many individuals hide their natural beauty by allowing the bangs and other parts of the hair to dangle over the face.

When you have an oval face this is not appropriate at all. You should move the hair away from your face and allow people to enjoy your natural beauty.

The biggest challenge that you will experience when it comes to choosing a hairstyle for the oval face shape is deciding what facial features that you want to bring out. You have so much flexibility when it comes to hairstyles that you can actually enhance a different feature every day of the week if you wish.

Oval face shape hairstyles can be just about anything that you want, as long as you do not allow your hair to be put in your face and take away from your naturally beautiful appearance.

If you have long hair length, a great hairstyle for the oval face shape includes tossing gentle waves over your shoulders, and pulling the sides of the hair back in a subtle manner.

Many with long hair may elect to pull their hair back behind their ears while allow the bottom half of the hair to be pulled forward over the shoulders. This hairstyle is great at enhancing the eyes and the smile. It really adds depth to these particular facial features.

If you have medium hair, a great hairstyle for the oval face is one that is slightly teased and tossed on the sides while the bangs rest gently upon the forehead. This is an awesome style that really brings attention to the mouth area on the face.

If you have full, defined lips, you may elect to bring out your features by implementing this particular hairstyle. If it is short hair that you have, the short spiky look is a great way to bring out all of those wonderful facial features – just remember to keep the bangs off of the face.

As listed here, the hairstyles for the oval face shape are extremely flexible. This is deemed as the "perfect” facial shape among all hairstylists. Enjoy anything, do everything!

Short Hairstyles For Oval Face Shapes


The Wrong Short Hairstyle
This style straight across heavy bangs covers the face too much creating the unwanted illusion of squareness. This is a good example of how a perfect oval face shape can be lost with a style that puts too much hair onto the face. Although there is a slight amount of height at the top that creates somewhat of a round shape the eyes focus on the that falls forward onto the face and draws its conclusion of squareness.


The Right Short Hairstyle
This short hairstyle gives some of the needed height on top. Attention is drawn to the eye region and it is further accentuated by soft wispy bangs.This short style works well for an oval face shape and causes no negative effect on the width or length of this models face shape. Alternatively a style which features no height or bangs would also look just as good.



Medium Length Hairstyles For Oval Face Shapes



The Wrong Medium Hairstyle
Again a hair style that creates a square look and has too much hair covering up what is usually the ideal facial shape to work with. This hairstyle almost takes over the face and becomes the focal point instead of the almost perfect face shape. A good rule to go by is that your hairstyle should complement your face shape (the frame around the picture), and not cover it up.


The Right Medium Hairstyle
This is a great match, the short chin length bob cut with trendy side swept bangs sits well on the models oval shape face. Even though this bob has a rounder shape, the open chin area on the models face keeps the style proportioned and , balances it out nicely.



Long Hairstyles For Oval Face Shapes



The Wrong Long Hairstyle
Although this is a hip and trendy long hairstyle from the hair and face shape suitability perspective, it is another style that contributes nothing to feature this models beautiful oval face shape. This style with its wispy height, feathered long layers and bangs that shorten the overall shape of her face make it appear much shorter than it actually is.




The Right Long Hairstyle
A simple long and wavy hairstyle with a soft look falls below the models shoulders. This style features no bangs and a side part.. This long hairstyle appears oval in shape due to the absence of bangs although a bang or fringe could be added without any real shape problems. If you chose a heavy bang try a center part instead of the side part to create a slimmer shape and light teasing in the crown area to give added height.


Hairstyles For Oval Face Shape
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    The Wrong Short Hairstyles For Oval Face Shapes
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    The Wrong Medium Length Hairstyle For Oval Face Shapes
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    The Wrong Long Hairstyle For Oval Face Shapes
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Hairstyles For Oval Face Shapes

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