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Hairstyles For Oblong Face Shapes And Long Face Shapes


Having the perfect hairstyle is essential when it comes to our appearance.

Many of us experiment for years before we finally find a style that is appropriate for us.

This is basically because most of us will try to wear hairstyles that we find appealing, or hairstyles that are appropriate to our length of hair.

However, many of us still miss the mark. This is because of the fact that each of us, as individuals, has a unique face shape.

In order to discover the perfect hairstyle, we must first understand what face shape we have. Here, I will be reviewing hairstyles for oblong face shape.

The oblong face shape is often burdened by appearing extremely narrow, and it also seems to have a short length overall.

This is why when you are searching for a hairstyle for oblong face shape; you must focus on increasing the overall length of the face and also making the face appear wider overall. This will help to ensure that the face seems balanced.

The perfect hairstyle can help you achieve this. Many may think that they do not want to increase the width of their face, but it is not to make it seem as if you have extra weight in the facial area, it is only to maximize the balance and bring out the natural beauty in your features.

Many who are searching for hairstyles for oblong face shape attempt to increase the length of their face by reducing the appearance of bangs and adding height in the top front part of the hair.

This should be avoided. It is important to ensure that you do not eliminate the presence of bangs, only become more creative with them.

Many with oblong face shape will brush their bangs straight down and allow them to stay one length, and this can really help in bringing out features.

Many elect to part their bangs slightly to one side or another, and this is also a great hairstyle for oblong face shape.

If you are an individual that is searching for a hairstyle for oblong face shape and you have medium to long length hair, there are many creative ways that you can bring out the natural features in your face. Any hairstyle that increases the body of the hair is a great hairstyle for this face shape.

There are the layer cuts which are really great for this face type. Layers help bring attention to the face by developing a texture around the features that should be brought out. In addition to this, having your hair cut in layers naturally adds more body.

Short Hairstyles For Oblong Face Shapes


The Wrong Short Hairstyle
If you have an oblong face shape the last thing that you want to do is to make your face appear even longer, as in this short haircut. The height created on top is the obvious mistake and you want to avoid this at all costs in your hairstyle choices.





The Right Short Hairstyle
This cropped hairstyle presents a very good example of how women with a long oblong face shape should wear their hair when short. This style has heavy top layers that fall softly into a rounder shape. The bangs work to visually halve the vertical length of the face making it and the chin appear shorter and more balanced. This is a style you can try no matter what your hair texture.



Medium Length Hairstyles For Oblong Face Shapes


The Wrong Medium Hairstyle
The center part of this hairstyle creates more vertical length and the light flimsy sides do not provide needed width. Overall this hairstyle lacks body and needs shortening in its shape (not length).



The Right Medium Hairstyle
This hairstyle has a nice shape that compliments a long face, with bangs in the front that help to make the model's face appear shorter. The layered sides and back kick out creating needed width. Try this style with curls or waves and a slightly shorter length.


Long Hairstyles For Oblong Face Shapes



The Wrong Long Hairstyle
This style shows a poor choice of hairstyle selection for this model. This hairstyle is making her oblong face look even longer than it actually is. Again a middle part is dividing the shape into two longer portions. This style is all straight and one length with sides and back that only add to vertical length.


The Right Long Hairstyle
This soft wavy long hairstyle provides the body that really suits this oblong face shape model. Her bangs help to shorten the overall length of her face and the layers help add the body and bounce that creates the needed width. This long style will also work with straight or curly textures.


Short, Medium, And Long Hairstyles For Oblong Face Shapes

The first hairstyle in each row is an example of the wrong style for oblong faces
and the remaining three show good hairstyle choices.

The second button opens a movable thumbnail preview panel


hairstyle pictures gallery for oval face shapes
short hairstyle oblong face shape wrong choice
  • short hairstyle oblong face shape wrong choice
    The Wrong Short Hairstyle
  • short hairstyle oblong face shape good
  • short hairstyle oblong face shape good
  • short hairstyle oblong face shape good

  • medium hairstyle oblong face shapes wrong style
    The Wrong Medium Length Hairstyle
  • medium hairstyle oblong face shapes good
  • medium hairstyle oblong face shapes good
  • medium hairstyle oblong face shapes good

  • long hairstyle for oval face shape wrong style
    The Wrong Long Hairstyle
  • long hairstyle for oval face shape good
  • long hairstyle for oval face shape good
  • long hairstyle for oval face shape good

short hairstyle oblong face shape wrong choice


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