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Hairstyles For Long Faces

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Jane Kaczmarek Smooth Bob Hairstyle

As one of televisions most favourite mom’s of all time, Jane Kaczmarek shows mature mother’s that they can have a look that is classy yet modern, and she achieves this with her smooth Bob hairstyle, among the perfect hairstyles for long faces.

Jane Kaczmarek’s smooth Bob hairstyle is so feminine and warm and compliments her oblong face shape to perfection. However, despite what your own face shape may be, there is absolutely no reason that you too can not wear a smooth Bob hairstyle like Jane’s.

The rich brown shade of Jane’s hair accompanied by subtle golden brown highlights filter through her smooth Bob hairstyle and make it appear so healthy, it positively glows.

This is a great way for mature women to appear more youthful. If you have a long face like Jane Kaczmarek does, this smooth Bob hairstyle will detract from the length of your face and provide it with a touch of width.
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style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products made for your own hair type

Detangle with a wide tooth comb and work a palmful of styling mousse throughout damp locks with your fingers

Use a round brush while blow drying your hair in small sections that are easy to manage Lift slightly at the crown while drying to offer your hair some volume. Start at the roots and work your way down, pulling your hair taught and rolling the ends just slightly over to create a flip or under as desired

Once your hair is dry, if necessary, again, working in small sections from the top down, use a straightening iron to create complete sleekness

Apply some smoothing serum to your palms and run your hands over your hair, avoiding the roots so that your finished look is not weighed down

Spritz lightly with hairspray so your hair is controlled but is still able to move

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Hairstyles For Long Faces September 23, 2009
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