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No matter how young your child is, hairstyles for kids should allow them to incorporate elements of their personality.

For example, if your daughter dreams of being a princess and allows you to work through tangles, perhaps she could enjoy long, flowing locks. 

If however she wants to run with the boys and can not sit still for more than a second, a trendy Bob might be the type of hairstyle that she needs.

By the same token, if your young son can not imagine sitting still for more than a few seconds at a time, one of the many short, simple style is probably ideal for him.

If though, he has no problem with hair products and some maintenance, than he could probably sport of the more hip styles. 

Always take in your child’s and your lifestyle when selecting hairstyles. If you are on the go a lot, than the right hairstyles should reflect that and be a lot easier to care for. 

Regardless of which style is the favorite of you and your child, the best way to make sure your child’s hair always looks the best is to keep it healthy and in great shape.

Regular trims, washing and brushing will ensure that no matter what cut your kid has, that their hair always looks in great condition.

Of course, when they are very young, you will be in charge of the washing and brushing, but as they grow, teach them that they can take care of their own hair. You may find that they like it and you have a budding stylist on your hands! 

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Updated November 11 2014

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