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Hairstyles For Heart Face Shapes

Michelle Pfeiffer celebrity heart face shapeIndividuals everywhere have many different face shapes. These face shapes include the oval face, round face, square, face, and more.

In addition to these shapes, there is also the heart face shape. Individuals who have a face shaped like a heart tend to have narrowing in the area of the chin and width around the cheekbones and the forehead.

Finding the right hairstyle for this type of face can prove to be extremely challenging, however, it is quite possible to do.

Here, we will discuss hairstyles for the heart shape face, as well as those styles that are inappropriate for these shapes.

The first thing that you should know when it comes to heart shaped faces and hairstyles are the hairstyles that are considered to be inappropriate.

The first type of hairstyle that should be avoided includes that which is relatively short and full. This may include short cut bobs, and similar dos that flip away from the face.

These hairstyles tend to actually bring out the shape of the face, rather than draw the attention away from the face. It is also important to avoid looks that play down on the face.

This may include short dos with jagged bangs. You should also try to sway away from hairstyles that slick back, or tuck behind the ears.

If you want to achieve the perfect hairstyle, you should consider going for those that come to about the chin and have high levels of texture, like curls and the such.

If you want a longer style, it is important to ensure that you have height contained on the top of the head. Adding height to the hair will reduce the effect of the heart face shape and bring more attention to the actual hairstyle.

This can prove to make the upper part of your head seem slimmer and longer. Individuals who wish to draw attention away from the face should engage in hairstyles that have a lot of flare. These hairstyles are normally cut at various angles, and have a variety of twists and turns.

Bangs are not always necessary when it comes to hairstyles heart face shapes. However, if you are more comfortable with bangs, it is considered to be acceptable to have these. You should ensure that they are not cut in a straight line.

You will want to make certain that they are cut in different lengths and angles. It is also important to ensure that they are styled to the side of the face.

This will draw attention away from the top width of the face and the narrow bottom half of the face. Blunt banged styles are not considered appropriate hairstyles for the heart face shape individual.

There are many different ways that beauty and attraction can be achieved when it comes to hairstyles. If you are pursuing a hairstyle that is considered appropriate for the heart face shaped face, you should take the suggestions listed in this article into consideration. You will find that these styles maximize your appearance and bring out the natural beauty that you possess.


Hairstyles For Heart Face Shapes

Short Hairstyles For Heart Face Shapes


The Wrong Short Hairstyle
This is the wrong short hairstyle for a heart face shape as it positions hair exactly where it is not needed. This models face appears wider and shorter than it already is by the heavy bangs.The wispy sides create even more width which again is the opposite of what heart face shapes need for balance. This is a style to avoid no matter what your hair texture is.


The Right Short Hairstyle
This model has the reverse of the wrong short hairstyle with height achieved at the top adds the needed length and helps to balance out the characteristics of the heart face shape, shortness and wideness. No bangs also helps to give gives the illusion of more face and more height. It is a simple but it is what a heart face shape needs.


Medium Length Hairstyles For Heart Face Shapes



The Wrong Medium Hairstyle
This hairstyle creates a look that is too horizontally short and square to compliment this models heart face shape. The square box like shape is exaggerated by the full across solid bangs. These bangs need to be removed and the sides layered for any suitability. This bob is a good example of what not to try for your a heart face shape.


The Right Medium Hairstyle
This style works beautifully and is a perfect choice for the heart face shape. The heavy bangs have been swept to the side to show off this models forehead, creating the needed vertical length and sides and back are layered and then kicked out through styling to compensate for the void area or narrow chins that are customary with heart faces. This style can be worn by all hair textures.


Long Hairstyles For Heart Face Shapes



The Wrong Long Hairstyle
A wavy hairstyle that will not work, here again heavy bangs shorten the length of the models face making it look even wider than it already is. The layers and waves add extra width to the over all look resulting in a short, wide, fat, and almost squashed look.




The Right Long Hairstyle
The heart face shape needs all the attributes of this soft forward falling long hairstyle. From the middle part that helps to divide her face into two long shapes creating the illusion of a vertical length. The chin area and below gets the added hair that it needs by the face framing layers. For a softer look yet, try this style with curls or waves.



Heart Face Shape Hairstyle Gallery
Hairstyles To Avoid ~ Hairstyles To Try

The first hairstyle in each row shows you an example of the wrong hairstyle for a heart face shape, the remaining three in the row are good choices.

Click the second button to the left just below to open a movable thumbnail preview pane.


hairstyles gallery for heart face shapes
  • Short-hairstyle-heart-face-shape-bad
    The Wrong Short Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Faces
  • Short-hairstyle-heart-face-shape-good
  • Short-hairstyle-heart-face-shape-good
  • Short-hairstyle-heart-face-shape-good

  • Medium-hairstyle-heart-face-shape-bad
    The Wrong Medium Length Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Faces
  • Medium-hairstyle-heart-face-shape-good
  • Medium-hairstyle-heart-face-shape-good
  • Medium-hairstyle-heart-face-shape-good

  • Long-hairstyle-heart-face-shape-bad
    The Wrong Long Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Faces
  • Long-hairstyle-heart-face-shape-good
  • Long-hairstyle-heart-face-shape-good
  • Long-hairstyle-heart-face-shape-good



Michelle Pfeiffer celebrity heart face shape

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