Hairstyles For Diamond Face Shapes


Having the appropriate hairstyle can mean a lot. Choosing the right look can mean the difference between looking great, and not so great. It can mean the difference between feeling great, and suffering from low self-esteem.

In addition to these things, the right hairstyle has the potential to highlight our best facial features. Many feel as if there are "secrets” floating around about how to find that perfect hairdo.

However, the only real secret is to know which hairstyle is appropriate to your facial shape. In this article, you will learn about hairstyles for diamond face shape.

The first thing that you should understand when you have a diamond face shape is where the attention normally falls. These faces tend to appear quite long.

There is normally extended width in the area of the cheeks. The forehead often tends to be wide, though it narrows towards the top, by the hairline.

The chin often experiences some narrowing. Individuals with this facial type need to create a hairstyle that will equally balance the features that are experienced. This often means reducing the overall girth of the cheek area and focusing on shortening the length of the face.

Cutting the hair too close to the head can result in the features of the diamond face shape being exaggerated. You will want to take the time to ensure that the hairstyle for diamond face shape adds a certain level of width in the area of the chin.

The classic bob cut is awesome for achieving this. You should use looks that draw attention away from the face. You may choose to tease the sides of the hair in an outward appearance.

You can achieve this look by receiving a layered cut and a curling iron. A good roller brush and some spray mousse can help achieve this look as well. These looks can be achieved with all types of hair lengths. This means the short length, medium length, and the long length can all benefit from this type of hairstyle.

Bangs are a great asset when it comes to hairstyles for diamond face shapes. You should ensure that you pay special attention to the bangs as they assist in shortening the length of the face and adding body to the forehead area.

By doing so, you will create a beautiful hairstyle for diamond face shape that maximizes your natural beauty and features.

Many different facial types require different hairstyles. When it comes to the hairstyles for diamond face shapes, it is important to avoid those that add height to the face.

You will want to ensure that you have bangs and that the forehead area is covered as much as possible. There should be no elevation of the bangs in any way.

A good example would include teasing the bangs to stand out more. Not only is this considered relatively unstylish these days, it fails to compliment the features that are required of the diamond face shape.

It is equally important to make sure that the hair style is at least past the chin area.



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For Diamond Facial Shapes


Short Hairstyles For Diamond Face Shapes


The Wrong Short Hairstyle
This short cropped hairstyle creates height on the top in a middle pointed way and emphasizes the diamond shape of the face. Also adding to the illusion of height are very short bangs. A hairstyle for a triangular face shape needs to create width and not height as in this example.


The Right Short Hairstyle
This is a short style that works, the bangs visually shorten the length of the face and a side part helps make the face appear wider by creating the illusion of one larger shape which the eye focuses on. The soft wispy sides of this short hairstyle curve into a round shape.


Medium Length Hairstyles For Diamond Face Shapes


The Wrong Medium Hairstyle
This look shows what hairstyle not to have when you have a diamond face shape. The wispy long lengths of this medium length hairstyle makes this model's face appear longer and the absence of any fringe or bangs creates a longer shape, when the goal is the reverse.



The Right Medium Hairstyle
This medium length style works to add hair in all the right places and nicely compliments a diamond face shapes. The face and chin area appear less long by the style of bangs and wispy shoulder length hair creates a squarer shape. This style creates width and not length. Try this style with any hair, adding layers to this style will make the appearance even softer.


Long Hairstyles For Diamond Face Shapes


The Wrong Long Hairstyle
. The center part of this long hairstyle actually makes the face appear longer and those wispy layers seem to fall nowhere in particular and just seem to hang.. Again no bangs makes the model's face appear longer than it is.



The Right Long Hairstyle
The key for a great hairstyle for an oblong face shape seems to start a the bangs or fringe. These bangs immediately shorten the overall length of the model's face. Layers also play an important part, these soft layers fall nicely to about shoulder length and draw attention away from long facial features. . This style can also be done with waves or curls.




Hairstyles To Try Hairstyles To Avoid For Diamond Face Shapes

The first hairstyle picture in each row, short, medium, and long shows you the style you do not want to wear,
the remaining three are good choices for you to try.
{Click the second button to your left just below to open a thumbnail preview panel of the hairstyles that you can move with your mouse.}


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    The Wrong Short Hairstyle For Triangle Faces
  • Short-hairstyle-diamond-face-shape-good
  • Short-hairstyle-diamond-face-shape-good
  • Short-hairstyle-diamond-face-shape-good

  • Medium-hairstyle-diamond-face-shapes-bad
    The Wrong Medium Hairstyle For Triangle Faces
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  • Medium-hairstyle-diamond-face-shapes-good
  • Medium-hairstyle-diamond-face-shapes-good

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    The Wrong Long Hairstyle For Triangle Face Shapes
  • Long-hairstyle-for-diamond-face-shapes-good
  • Long-hairstyle-for-diamond-face-shapes-good
  • Long-hairstyle-for-diamond-face-shapes-good




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