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Haircuts For Teen Girls - From Blah To Bob


There are a number of haircuts that compliment youth. Many teen girls find that they can go from blah to bob with little effort at all. There are many different types of makeovers that can be accomplished with a little effort.

Many teens find that their hair has many problems and they want to resolve these complications in order to move on to a more suited style and look.

One of the main problems with haircuts for teen girls is that they are cut in such a manner that does not compliment the overall features of the face as you can see in this before photo to above right.

The next problem is that the hair is often trained in a manner that is inconsistent with the look that is best suited for the teen girl.

Here, you will be introduced to a number of styles that may compliment the overall appearance of the teen.

Let’s face it; there are some hairstyles that simply do not compliment the overall facial shape of the individual that is wearing them. This is often quite common when it comes to teen girls.


teens-bob-makeover-afterThe transition from hair that is appropriate for a child’s face and hair that is appropriate for a teen’s face must take place in order for a teen makeover to be complete.

As a girl turns into a teen, the face starts to lose a bit of the fullness that was once experienced, and starts to take on a more defined appearance that thins out a bit. You can see the dramatic difference on this model who now has a chin length bob.

It is imperative that the hairstyle that is chosen for these features fits the overall face shape of the maturing teen. There are hairstyles that are perfect for the square, oval, oblong, triangular, and heart shaped face.

Once the facial shape has been determined, a suitable haircut may also be chosen. This makes choosing the right cut a lot easier.

There are many obvious benefits associated with choosing the right cut and the right style.

First, as mentioned previously, it will highlight the naturally maturing geometric shape of the face. Second, it will bring out the features that are considered to be dominant in the teen girl.


teens-bob-makeover-after-messyThis will result in the teen girl appearing more mature. It is always important to ensure that a haircut suits the overall appearance of the teen, and not the child that the teen once was.

Not only does this strategy improve the overall appearance of the child, but it also assists in bringing out the young adult in the teen.

There are many different methods when it comes to styling the hair. Implementing the use of a radial brush, curling irons, hot rollers, diffusers, and teasing can really optimize the appearance of a hairstyle on a teen girl.

To the right, the model's hair has been texturized and scrunched for a popular messy look. HAircuts for teen girls should be able to offer at least two styles from the same cut.

Parts can be chosen as straight down the middle, to the left, and to the right. Contours can be created using sculpting waxes, hair gels, smoothing shine, and basic hairspray.

Many different strategies and methods are used when it comes to styling the hair and doing a teen makeover.


It is always important to update the hair and our look as we change and develop. This brings out the natural maturity and defined appearance of a teen. In addition to updating the hair cut and the style that is used on the hair, it is also important to consider changing the way makeup is worn as well. This can help add to the appearance that is being created.

It can be hard for some teens to visualize how a new hairstyle or makeup will look on them, this is where
virtual makeover programs help a girl see before her hair is cut or purchases makeup.

It helps a girl learn about looking her best in a fun, and most important, in a private way.

Haircuts For Teen Girls

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