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A hair weather situation can really cause havoc with your hairstyle, not to mention your makeup. Stephanie's work often takes her into the worst of the elements and according to Weather Channel host and meteorologist Stephanie Abrams offers some helpful tips.

Hair Weather Stephanie Abrams

Is Your Hair Weather Proof?

Her "You can't expect to put on a glamorous spectacle when you're fully covered in mud." While you may not be intentionally heading into bad weather, here are some tips for you that work for Abrams. They are not hurricane-proof, but they will help you battle the elements.

Rain vs. Hair

Billy Lowe, renowned hairstylist based in West Hollywood suggests preserving a natural look by using anti-humectant hair products which are formulated to resist humidity. These will minimize the frizz and keep the look of your hair under control.

Raychel Wade, educator and makeup artist offer this eye-makeup piece of advice: Even if you're tempted to use waterproof mascara, do keep in mind that these products are not much more effective than regular mascara, and they can also have a heavy impact on the health of your lashes.

Since most mascaras are already endowed with water-resistant features, all you have to do to preserve an impeccable look is to avoid rubbing your eyes. You can also forget about the liner and combine mascara with creamy eye makeup that usually comes in bottle recipients. This type of eye shadow product is water-resistant, lasts longer, is less difficult to apply and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Going to the Desert?

Heat can suck the moisture out of your hair leaving it frizzy or flyaway. According to Lowe, you can increase the moisture in your hair by using a styling cream product. You can also apply hair wax to shape off static flyaways. If heat and humidity levels are high you can use silicone serums to make your hair smooth and ensure a polished look.

Let's face it: when it gets hot, we perspire. And nothing counteracts all your efforts to apply foundation than sweat. To combat perspiration, Wade suggests applying a matt foundation to control oil on the T-zone area of your face and decrease the likelihood of shine, whilst a waterproof concealer will keep your eye makeup put. If your skin still looks too greasy, forget about the powder all together as additional makeup will only draw attention to a cakey look.

Blotting paper is an excellent way to absorb excess moisture. Take a sheet of paper and press it against your complexion. When going into the heat, Abrams also prefers long sleeves and keeps her neck area covered when the temperature outside simply explodes. "When I'm in high heat or in the desert, it's incredible how much comfort I get by wearing loose-fitting garments. Thus, the sun rays stop heating my skin directly due to the fabric's properties of absorbing heat from the start. "

Winter Not So Wonderland

Flyaways are a regular winter problem, but you can fight off that effect by misting a good hairspray product. The constant wearing of hats and other head wear can result in a "flathead" appearance. To combat it apply a volume-boosting mousse to give your hair extra body. Billy Lowe's suggestion is to stick with a couple of winter basics: hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

Cold weather is not the best hair weather, it can also be very damaging to your skin. Abrams, a native of sunny Florida, hasn't managed to get used to the cold yet. "There have been situations when I had to deal with a snow storm topic and my knuckles suffered from excess dryness", says Abrams. "Not long ago, whilst being in Alaska, I noticed how the skin on my ear lobes started peeling off." To protect her skin, Abrams uses a quality moisturizer with an SPF designed for sensitive skin, and applies it all over before heading into the cold. Her lobes and hands get special attention though.

Though lipsticks promote acquiring moisturized lips, a better way in the cold is to first use a lip balm and then apply your favorite lipstick. It works by creating a moisture barrier that will maintain the hue a lot longer. If the forecast draws attention on sub-zero temps, use a hydrating makeup base and a creamy blush in a stick formula instead of powdery products.

Blowing in the Wind

When the wind is blowing you probably wish for something a bit more on the fashion side than the baseball hat alternative suggested by Abrams. Billy Lowe states: "Hair waxes promote a spiky hair effect or endow your curls and waves with added definition that can fight off unpleasant windy actions." If you need more control, simply apply more wax.

Windy weather can give you that rosy-cheek appearance. To complement that look, use a stain or a tint blush. To make them easier to apply, Wade offers this tip: mix a super tiny amount of moisturizer with about two drops of tint and apply to the apples of your cheeks. It is a mixture that will give you both wear-ability and durability.

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Updated September 8, 2011

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