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Hair Updo Videos, Be Ready To Step Out In Less Than An Hour

A girl can never have to many updo's in her hairstyling repertoire. Add these two knock out styles and never be caught with your hair down when you want it up. Easy and fast to style, but a polished finish perfect for party, dinner or clubbing.

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Tip Have a fabulous little black dress like this vintage convertible dress in your closet always fresh and pressed, a pair of black heels or stilettos and be ready for a last minute date or invitation in under an hour.

Hair Updo Videos
Stylist: Roy Teeluck


Hair Videos

Updo Hairstyle Videos

Downtown Updo

Holiday hairstyle tips revealed by Celebrity hairstylist Roy Teeluck.

Step by Step video instructions on how to make a fabulous downtown updo hairstyle.



Downtown Updo

"Create an updo that makes a black dress green with envy"


style stepsStep One
Apply a medium size dollop of Nexus mousse plus to damp hair.
Using a round brush and a blow dryer with a with a directional nozzle blow out two inch sections of hair until smooth.

style stepsStep Two
Section of the front and sides of hair from ear to ear and clip each section
take a large section of hair at the crown tease it to its fullest and roll into a rough bun
pin into place

style stepsStep Three
unclip the front and side sections of your hair dividing them into several smaller sections
tease each one with a wide toothed comb

style stepsStep Four
using a natural bristle brush smooth out each teased front section and pull it back and over the bun
pin into place around the bun
repeat each section until the bun is completely covered use a brush to smooth the remaining hair and place over one shoulder

Finishing mist lightly the finished style Nexxus Maxix hair spray


Enjoy the new downtown updo by Nexxus



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sleek updo hairstyle

Hair Updo Videos
Stylist: Johnny Lavoy

Hair Videos

Updo Hairstyle Videos

How to: Create an evening look in minutes

Ford Models hairstylist Johnny Lavoy returns to show how to create an updo in minutes.

This is super easy, practice on a friend a few times, and once you know it, you can always create your own updo for last minute invitations.

As well as using a headband, you could also use satin or velvet ribbons for party hair.


Create a evening look that's simple and doesn't have to take an hour to do.

Fast And Easy Up do Style Step

Start by sectioning your hair in two sections and continue that on the other side
Take the back of the hair and just put it in a high ponytail
Tease that ponytail Spray that tease and smooth over the top Wrap it and pin it
Tease the remainder in the other section then spray
Lightly brush the top,kind of making it smooth but not too smooth you want an interesting texture to the hair
Pin this section underneath
Lastly add a headband

" And there you have it, an up do that only took a couple of minutes but looks like it took a long time"
Johnny Lavoy

"I love how big it is, I love big hair"
Hairstyle Model

This model did not have long or extremely thick hair, but in this updo it looks like she has tons of hair.
This is a good style for medium length hair that has been layered.


glam updo hairstyle

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