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Hair Up Do Tips And Tricks

Great Hair Tips For Great Up Dos

long half down up do hairstyleThese tips will help you give your up do more volume, oomph, curls, waves, and shine!

Do you need a up do right now? no problem. Do you need a fast any easy change to the bangs area? No problem. Here are 13 hair up do tips for creating great up dos fast.

#1 Your Up Do Hairstyle Needs More Volume
Hold your hair at the roots using straight clips while you are blow drying. This adds body and instant height for your do that will last you the night, this is one of Jennifer Garner's favorite hair tricks.

#2. Your Up Do Hairstyle Needs More Oomph
While your hair is still damp add medium Velcro rollers at your crown then blow dry, you can add a tiny bit of styling gel for extra hold.

#3.Your Up Do Hairstyle Needs More Curls
This works great for those big loose curls. Place the barrel of your curling iron mid strand not at your ends, wrap your hair around your curling iron but do not clamp it down on the hair as usual. Hold for 15-20 seconds and have great curls all night.

#4.Your Up Do Hairstyle Needs Natural Waves
This will give you those waves that look natural and soft. While your hair is damp divide it into four braids, on each side, braid two very tightly and braid two loose. Dry your hair using heat or let dry naturally, then unravel for hair that looks soft and natural

#5.Your UP Do Hairstyle Needs More Shine
For a glossy finish to your up do spray with a fine-mist hair spray the use a fluffy soft make up brush you save just for this and brush lightly over your sprayed hair. You only need to use a light touch of the brush, it smoothes beautifully without moving a hair out of place.

#6.Your Up Do Hairstyle Needs A Fast Change?
If your usual up do has you wearing your hair back smooth from your forehead, change it up with parts. Angled a part diagonally in your hair. Use a rat tail comb and add zig zags or just leave straight. Take the part back as far as mid crown. Often seen on hair styles worn by Courtney Cox.

# 7. Your Up Do Hairstyle Needs To Be Ready Right Now
No problem, comb your favorite styling creme through your hair, making sure to distribute evenly. Now simply use your fingers and "rake" your all of your hair back into a tight bun and pin securely in place. Your ready!

smooth wrapped updo#8. Keep Your Up Do Hairstyle Static Free
If you have just washed your hair, (day old hair works best for an up do,) and it is just too soft and flyaway, you can take care of any static by spraying a anti-static spray onto your brush,

These are readily available in grocery or drug stores. You can also use Angelina Jolie's favorite fix, which is to use a dryer sheet smoothing over your hair from the roots to the ends.

# 9. Keep Your Up Do Hairstyle Soft
If you are choosing a soft romantic up do hair style leave long wispy layers near your face. This also will soften any angular facial features

# 10. Keep Your Up Do Hairstyle Light
Having partial highlights added around your face will brighten any complexion. An illusion of a halo effect is created that directs light onto your face.

This can be used for any up do but it is especially pretty for soft romantic up dos and a lovely choice for a bride and her attendants.

# 11. Keep Your Up Do Hairstyle Softer
If you think your facial features are just too angular or sharp to wear your hair in an up do, use this trick Nicole Kidman uses for hers.

Style your up do by adding volume with curls which will soften your facial features by drawing the eye outward.


# 12 Keep Your Up Do Hairstyle Balanced
Do you know our eyes are not the same size? If your eyes are noticeably different create the illusion of symmetry by adding a side part over the side of your smaller eye using your rattail comb.

# 13 Keep Your Up Do Hairstyle Framed
Up do hair styles seem to naturally accentuate your cheek bones. You can use this to your advantage and take it one step further by choosing an up do that takes your hair back off of your face. Add a headband, choosing one that compliments your outfit or dress.


formal braided updo



What Can Your Up do Hair Style Do For You?

Your facial features are very much in the foreground when you wear your hair in an up do

You can use the hair up do tips on this page to camouflage or to create.

Hair Up Do Tips

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