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The Favorite Styling And Finishing Products Since 1948

Hair spray products are probably without a doubt the most popular hair products for both women and men alike. Hairspray is not just a fabulous product for your hair it also has an interesting history

A little know fact is that hairspray was originally created and sold back in 1948 by Chase Product Company.

Although people around the globe know that they want to use hairspray to keep their hairstyles in place, they often are uncertain which brand to use.

This is no surprise, as after all, there are countless brands on the market to choose from.

Almost everyone who uses hairspray on a regular basis has their own favorite brand that they enjoy using.

However, there are some hairspray products that seem to sell more than others.

The top three selling brands of hairspray available are Aussie, Herbal Essences and L’Oreal.

There are also different types of hold available when selecting a hairspray. You can pick from soft, medium or hard hold hairsprays.

A soft hold hairspray will keep your style in place, yet is in no way stiff and remains easily able for you to brush when necessary. A medium hold hairspray offers you a slightly more secure hold and can stand up to more environmental factors such as wind than a soft hold hairspray can.

Soft hold hairsprays are great for mild control, helping you tame fly aways and just a general extra boost to keeping your locks in place.

Medium hold hairsprays are for the times when you want to make sure that your hair stays in place and your style lasts while you are still able to make minor hairstyle alterations.

Hard hold hairsprays on the other hand are generally very stiff and tend to need to be washed out of your locks. You’re virtually guaranteed a long lasting hairstyle when you opt for a hard hold hairspray.

Hard hold hairsprays are ideal for the occasions where you do not want your locks to chance any movement. Take for example an extra special event such as a wedding or a formal party; you do not want to have to worry about your hairdo slipping even slightly out of place.

The aroma of hairspray also plays an influence on the brands that some people pick from. You can find hairsprays with a range of different smells. There are also scent free hairsprays for those who are seeking that as well.

Heated styling tools also work well with hairspray and will help you keep the results in the exact location that you want them to be.

The one downside to using hairspray is that you can accumulate a build-up of the product if you are not careful. The best method to avoid this is to spray your hair as lightly as possible to achieve the hold you desire. Also, always wash your hair thoroughly and rinse very well.

Hairspray has become so well known through the years that there is even an entire movie based around this famous hair product!

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