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Snood is a funny word for such a classically feminine and classic hair accessory. Unique and versatile, hair snoods have been around since the Middle Ages. Period films and television shows like "The Other Boleyn Girl”, "Elizabeth”, and "The Tudors” have brought them back into public view, although they’ve been resurrected as a major trend recently.

Basically a hair snood is a hair net or loose bag that holds your ha

ir, and long before crocheting was invented, they were made of knotted lace. As time went on so did these hair coverings evolve to include variations like the caul, balzo, and bun cover – netted accessories that are worn over various hairstyles and in various locations on the head.

Some were designed to be worn quite low, and accompanied by hats or other head coverings of the time. More utilitarian snoods were made of muslin or heavy cotton and the ones worn purely for decoration were adorned with beading and lace.

A modern snood is a great way to tame and display long hair, or a fabulous way to fake more locks than you’ve got for the shorter haired girls. And they are fabulous on textures from the wildest curls to won’t-do-anything straight. Hair can be braided beneath the mesh or simply tucked inside or worn on top of the head like a hat – and can be a much prettier alternative to a ball cap bad hair day!

Hair Snoods can be worn attached to a headband for a very classic and clean look a la "Little Women,” or try one that hangs from a decorative hair barrette. Traditionally, snoods are secured around your hair with a ribbon or hair pins, but many of today’s versions are elasticized to fit comfortably and fuss-free.

Snoods 70s Style

Handmade and crocheted snoods were all the rage in the 70’s, worn with everything from jeans and a macramé vest to the long flowy maxi dresses that have made their way back onto this spring’s fashion pages. And a snood is a perfect complement to the very chic 40’s inspired fashion (think Dita Von Teese) that graces the streets and the runways if worn tucked behind a little Gwen Stefani pompadour or Victory rolls.

Snoods For Weddings And Brides

Hair Snoods are quickly gaining popularity as a chic and stylish option for weddings and formals. With many brides skipping the veil on their big days, a snood is a beautiful choice for brides and their attendants to keep hair dressy and stylish without worrying about complicated up-dos comprised of millions of curls and bobby pins, or it can add a funky vintage touch to a less traditional gown.

Pair an exquisite, hand crocheted lacy snood with fresh flowers, either woven into the lace or just behind your ear, or wear with jeweled hair clips or an antique brooch.

So whether it is form or function you are after, a snood just might fit the bill. Try one as the ideal finishing touch to your favorite outfits.

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