Hair Ringlets For Little Girls

Knowing how to style hair ringlets for little girl's parties, dress up, special occasions, and for costumes is a must. Though Cindy Brady was the "youngest one in curls" you'll find that getting ringlets into your own little girl's hair, no matter what her age, can be quite simple!

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How To Create Ringlet Hairstyles For Little Girls

Curls on a little girl are just about the cutest thing ever, and even if she was born with stick straight hair, there is no reason at all that she can't enjoy some bouncy ringlets whenever the occasion calls for it. Just take some time and think about a few of the methods that you can use to give your child the adorable look of hair ringlets.

Easy Ringlet How To

Ringlets By Rags

Using rags to curl your child's hair is a method that has been used for decades, and it has the benefit of not damaging your little girl's hair at all. Rag ringlets are also the best and safest way to create ringlets on a toddler. Keep rag ringlets in mind for a fun event for kids Pajama parties and sleepovers.

Start with hair that slightly damp, apply a small amount of mousse or hair spray, and then divide it into segments that will form the curls. Don't worry about making the partings too precise or you will risk revealing a grid pattern underneath the hair! Remember that the smaller the segments, the tighter the curl will be.

Take a strip of material that is around four inches longer than your child's hair, and tie off each segment close to the root of the hair, with one end being long enough to match the length of her hair.

Take this longer strip and the hair in the knotted segment and wind them around the knot. When the hair has been completely wound around the knot, tie the ends of the rag together again.

Repeat until you have all of her hair covered. This is best done the night before, so let her sleep on the curls. In the morning, untie each knot carefully and either set it the way it is with hair spray or brush it out carefully before setting it.

Styling Ringlets With Curling Irons

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You may also wish to try curling her hair with curling irons, though you should always be mindful of how hot the irons can be and that carelessness can result in burns.

When you are working with hot irons, start by grabbing a section of her hair with them, just as you would if you were straightening them. Then pull the irons away and up, giving the base of the hair some body, and then twist the hair a half turn around the iron. With a slow smooth movement, pull the iron away from her head.

Once the whole strand has been heated, quickly twirl the strand around your finger and let it cool into the desired ringlet shape. These are just two ways to get some perfect curls and hair ringlets on your perfect little girl. So take some time and see how great she is going to look with ringlets in hair.

Definition ~ Ringlet

1. A long, spirally curled lock of hair. 2. A small circle or ring. ringleted ring
American Heritage Dictionary
Or, just adorable!

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