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Hair Restoration Shampoo, The hair loss industry has grown rapidly. That means there are dozens of hair restoration shampoos and other products in the market from which consumers have to try to choose. The problem is figuring out which product really produces the results it promises. That’s not easy, and experimentation can be costly.

Read the Label: A good hair restoration shampoo will have specific key ingredients for which to watch when you shop. Saw palmetto, pyseum, nettles, pumpkin seed oil, green tea and emu oil all help block DHT production. DHT is the hormone produced by our bodies that kills hair follicles. The only down-side to DHT blocking products is that should you stop using them, your hair loss returns to its normal pace.

Another ingredient men specifically can watch for is Minoxidil. This is the only FDA approved compound for hair re-growth. Unfortunately it’s not recommended for women.

A third component in a good hair restoration shampoo is amino acids. These feed your scalp. If your hair is damaged or thinning, the amino acids help it bounce back. It may not improve hair growth, but it will improve overall hair health.

A fourth chemical, Retin-A is user friendly for both genders, and seems to have a fairly good track record (with products like Rogaine) for treating thinning hair and baldness.

The Best Hair Restoration Shampoos

What to try First: There are a lot of claims of nearly miraculous results, but consumers are talking a lot about Nizoral and Nioxin. Nizoral works for both men and women. It improves the overall health of the scalp and follicles. Better still, it doesn’t have to be used daily, making it affordable.

Nioxin focuses on supporting the scalps cells to keep the hair you have healthy. There are no chemicals in nioxin, so it won’t deter DHT but it can delay hair loss.

A third product, Nisim, is part of a three-prong system that includes shampoo, stimulating extract and conditioner. The shampoo is meant to slow hair loss, often showing results within a week. The stimulating extract maximizes the shampoo’s effect but cannot be used separately. The conditioner is optional.

There are certainly many other products from which to choose. Do, however, take the time to read customer reviews and compare any studies/results available before buying. Helps and Hints:

Because thinning and balding hair can be genetic, and because sometimes it has a physical cause, it’s a good idea to consult with your physician before trying any hair restoration shampoo. Some products can actually do more harm than good. Your physician will likely have some good advice on products that will work best considering your personal circumstances.

Once you begin using your chosen product, studies show that morning washing/treatment is the most effective unless you work nights. The ideas is to make sure the chemicals have time to get into the scalp (laying on a pillow means your pillow gets the benefit!).

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