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Hair Restoration For Women

hair restoration for women

Women's Hair Restoration Treatments

Do you need information on hair restoration for women? This article will give you a quick review of what is being used now. Hair restoration treatments are not created equal especially if you're a woman. While a lot of research has gone into hair restoration products and methods for men, women's hair loss studies and hair restoration for women lagged behind. Meanwhile women who are suffering with thinning hair or bald spots are trying to style and tease their hair into covering embarrassing spots.

Women run nearly as high a risk of hair loss as men, especially if there's a genetic predisposition. It's important, however, before trying hair restoration products to make sure that a dermatologist determines the exact cause of your hair loss. That underlying problem often changes what kind of restoration product women need to use.

FDA Recommended & Approved

Currently there is only one FDA approved ingredient proven to slow hair loss or improve hair growth and that's Minoxidil. Unlike some treatments, this chemical works equally well for women especially in keeping the hair you have healthy so it doesn't fall out as easily. The women's version of Minoxidil is less concentrated (2% instead of 5%).

Having said that, many women who tried the higher percentage solution got better results in terms of hair re-growth. Unfortunately the side effects also increased. The main complaint is that the solution irritates skin in the forehead region. See our review of Provillus For Women for more information on Minoxidil

Birth Control Pills for Hair Growth?

The estrogen in birth control pills seems to deter hair loss quite effectively. As the estrogen reaches a woman's hair, it overrides testosterone that can cause hair loss. There are a few brands of birth control pills that seem best suited to t his purpose including Yasmin and Desogen. Another treatment currently being looked at closely for women is Avodart. This particular drug blocks two enzymes that would otherwise produce DHT. DHT causes thinning and balding hair. The results this far look promising, but the clinical trials still have a way to go.

Hair Restoration Transplants

Some women who have been frustrated by wigs because they can move, look awkward, and can't be worn easily for sports and other busy activities start looking into more permanent options. Hair restoration transplant surgery is the most invasive approach to hair replacement, but one that creates a natural and longer-term result. The surgery entails either moving one hair follicle at a time to the area in need, or taking a ribbon of scalp and using small pieces of this in the area that's thinning or bald.

The singular approach reduces scarring. Both approaches, however, can be cost-prohibitive adding up to as much as $10,000 for larger regions. Not all women are good candidates for hair restoration transplants either. You have the best chances of success if you've lost hair due to traction alopecia, those experiencing hair loss from plastic surgery, those with patterned baldness, and those who have lost hair due trauma are those who will most likely benefit from this hair restoration for women procedure.

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Updated July 1, 2011

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Currently there is only one FDA approved ingredient proven to slow hair loss or improve hair growth and that's Minoxidil

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