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Hair Restoration Costs

hair restoration costs

A Look At The Cost Of The Most And Least Expensive Hair Restoration Options

Hair restoration costs is step one and the first thing you need to educate yourself about if you're thinking about finding ways to restore your thinning or balding hair. Hair therapies and procedures are considered by the medical community as cosmetic surgery meaning they won't be covered by your insurance. So your overall budget is a big part of the picture in making a decision on the hair restoration product or procedure you will use.

Least Expensive Options

In the overall picture of hair restoration costs generally natural / herbal hair treatments are the least expensive. You can try a variety of these folk remedies in your own home often using items you already have in your pantry. On the down side there's not a lot of clinical evidence that natural hair restoration methods can re-grow hair. They will, however, make your scalp and hair healthier, meaning you're likely to keep your remaining hair longer than you would have without nourishing both.

Drugs for hair loss like Propecia are second in the list. On average you'll spend $30 a month for these pills. Over a year's time that equates to $360 – not bad compared to laser treatments or transplants. Note, however, that many drugs on the market are designed for male-patterned hair loss. Those available for women often carry warnings about a variety of nasty side effects. Make sure you get all the information about a product (if possible consult a medical professional) before considering this option especially if you have pre-existing medical issues.

A third option comes in the form of shampoos and topical treatments. Most products of this nature get results by blocking the hormone that causes hair loss (so if your balding is caused by another issue, it won't help). The cost for a six ounce bottle averages about $25. That sounds great until you read the instructions – use it five times a week! That little bottle can easily get used up in two weeks time, so this approach costs about $600 annually.

Most Expensive Options

On the high end of hair restoration costs we find laser therapy, hair replacement systems (wigs/toupee), and hair transplants. Hair replacement systems are the next step offering coverage by creating a semi-permanent wig or toupee. Basically this system gets attached to the scalp. Once in place it has to be removed and groomed about every 6 weeks to maintain its appearance. These systems have to be replaced annually to the tune of about $1,200.00 for something that looks and feels natural. Overall annual cost of maintenance is about $600-$700.

Laser therapy is very close cost wise, coming in at about $2,000 for 6 months of on-going treatments. The jury is still out about laser therapy's overall effectiveness for hair re-growth, however it does appear to help nourish the scalp and hair. Last but not least is the surgical option of hair grafts / transplants. The results achieved from grafts and transplants is usually very satisfying because the process uses a person's natural hair. Each hair plug that's moved from the back of the head to an area in need costs about $6.00.

That sounds very reasonable until you realize that an average bald spot requires about 1600 plugs (yep, $10,000!). And, as with any surgical procedures there are risks involved. If you decide on this option make sure your surgeon is certified and has references you can check before proceeding.

The Bottom Line

Hair restoration costs money and takes time. You need to find a hair replacement option that makes you comfortable both financially and physically. Take your time, do your research, and talk to other people who have tried different approaches to hair re-growth. By so doing you should be able to choose a method or product that fits both your lifestyle and your budget.

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Updated July 1, 2011

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