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Hair Replacement Systems For Men And Women

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Hairpieces, Wigs, And Toupees

Hair replacement systems are an appropriate solution for many men and women who are dealing with hair loss. Also commonly referred to as a hairpiece, wig or toupee that is easy to fit for and wear. It used to be that a wig or toupee looked fake and was easy to detect. Modern technological advances have created new systems that look and feel completely natural.

It's important to realize that all hair replacement systems are different and to select the best one for your needs you should carefully read through the manufacturer's literature. There are different materials that might be used in the construction. Also important, is determining how you will be fitted for the hair system. With advancements through technology, such as the Internet, many people find that they can easily select and order perfect hair pieces without ever leaving the comfort of his or her own home.

Since these systems are crafted for each person on an individual basis they are perfect for both men and women. They are also suitable for children who might be experiencing hair loss due to sickness, chemotherapy, or conditions such as alopecia. Make certain to let the company know the gender of the person who is being fitted. A hair replacement system of a man is different than one that is fitted for a woman due to differences between genders.

How To Choose A Hair Piece That Will Be Right For You

When choosing a hair replacement, be sure to determine how long the system will last. Many pieces come with a warranty or guarantee and you should take that guarantee into consideration before making your final decision. Also important is how it will be maintained. Take into account how your hairpiece will be made. Not all companies use the same procedures to craft the hairpiece. The part of the system that fits over the head is known as the base. The materials that the base is made from will also account for the weight of the system and how it will feel.

Not only is it important to select hair systems that look natural and are durable, but also they should be comfortable. This is greatly determined by the materials used in the manufacturing process. Find out from the company how you will go through the fitting process, as this will best determine whether you will get an accurate fit. Other questions to take into consideration is how you can have the hair system repaired should something happen to it, can the system be colored or dyed, and the best way to clean and dry your hair system.

Finally, you'll need to determine the best method for adhering your hair replacement system to your head. Today's systems use special liquid adhesives and tape to make certain that the system stays in place. Participating in sports, swimming, dancing, and enjoying all of your favorite activities are made possible through a firmly secured and properly fitted hair replacement.

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Updated June 30, 2011

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