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Hair Replacement Surgery

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A Permanent Hair Loss Solution

Hair replacement surgery is a permanent solution for both men's and women's hair loss. By taking hair plugs from the back and sides of the head, and moving them to areas where balding is occurring. The patient can begin his or her journey to a full head of hair. The most popular for men and women are hair transplants, scalp reduction, micrografts, and minigrafts

Before speaking with a cosmetic surgeon regarding hair replacement surgery it is important to schedule an appointment with your health care provider. The underlying causes of hair loss must be identified before they can be addressed. Though mostly associated with aging men, many women also experience hair loss. This can be temporary or permanent and is the result of a number of different factors.

Conditions such as hormone changes or taking birth control pills can cause a woman to experience hair loss. However, this is often not permanent and the hair will return back to its normal growth cycle. Certain diseases and conditions may also result in hair loss that affects both women and men. There are also women who are prone to genetic hair loss as they age.

This can be very troublesome for women and they often associate youth, beauty, and femininity with a full head of hair. It is important to undergo any testing that your health care provider recommends to find out the cause of hair loss.

Questions You Should Ask Before Surgery

When determining whether or not hair replacement surgery is right for you ask your cosmetic surgeon several questions. First, you'll need to verify whether or not the type of baldness you are experiencing is best treated through surgery. Some conditions require the use of both surgery and medicines for maximum results.

Most hair replacement surgeries are performed on men that are experiencing male pattern baldness, but there are certain conditions that make women eligible candidates for the procedure. Scarring is a common factor that causes women to develop bald spots. In certain genetic conditions that result in female balding, hair replacement surgery is very effective.

It's important to discuss how your new hair will grow as well. Taking care of the graft location is essential in preventing injury. If the new graft areas become injured they are less likely to grow. All hair grows at varying rates, and there is no exact way to predict how fast the hair grafts will grow, however, they will grow at the same rate they did prior to being transplanted.

Determine how many sessions will be needed to complete the hair replacement. There are many factors that need to be considered and these include how large the area is that needs a transplant, the thickness or density of the hair, how much hair loss the patient has experienced, the speed of hair loss, and the amount of hair grafts that are used.

Though most hair replacement surgeries are completed without any complications, there is a slight potential of risk. Speak to your doctor regarding any possible side effects. Most hair replacement surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis and require the use of local anesthesia. Many find that they can go back to work within a few days.

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Updated June 30, 2011

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Hair Replacement Surgery

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