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Hair Replacement Options For Men And Women

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Hair Replacement

Hair replacement options will give you 2 choices, permanent and temporary solutions. Permanent hair replacement include regrowing the hair and surgical hair transplants. Temporary hair replacement include hairpieces and wigs.

Hair loss is referred to as Alopecia, and has many causes. These causes will have a direct impact upon the type of hair replacement option you should choose and which will be most successful. Certain medications and treatments might result in temporary hair loss and should be looked at accordingly. In these situations, a hairpiece is often all that is needed to maintain self-esteem.

Once the medications are finished, the hair will grow back. There are, however, instances where the hair loss is permanent and if this occurs, you will need to consider a long lasting solution. Before choosing medicines or surgery it is best to speak with your health care provider and seek his or her recommendations for your condition. If you are not sure what is causing your hair loss, then you might make a decision for hair replacement that isn't in your best interest.

Whether dealing with men or women’s hair loss you’ll have several hair replacement options to choose from.

Permanent Hair Replacement Options

Permanent Hair Replacement Surgery
A solution to medicines, that offers permanent solutions, is surgery. The two main types of hair replacement surgery includes hair transplants and scalp reduction. Hair transplants involve using hair plugs that have been removed from areas of the scalp that contain plenty of hair, and moving those plugs to areas where balding is present. Though hair transplants are considered permanent solutions, it is possible that the patient will require several hair transplant session over the years.

Scalp reduction is the process of removing excess skin located in the scalp area where baldness is prevalent. Then, after the scalp has been reduced, areas with sufficient amounts of hair are stretched to cover the area that was removed.

The gap is filled with scalp covered with hair. Though it might seem that there isn't enough skin on the scalp to perform this procedure, the scalp is flexible and can easily be stretched. In addition to these options, other popular hair replacement options for men and women include wearing hairpieces and wigs. For those who don't want to fuss with wearing and removing wigs and hairpieces each day, these can be sewn into the hair that is remaining on the scalp.

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Updated June 30, 2011

Permanent Hair Replacement

hair plugs information

Hair Plugs Information
There are two methods of doing hair plugs, the Ribbon method and by individual hair follicle transplant

hair restoration informtion

Hair Implants For Men And Women
Hair implants are a permanent solution to hair loss and can help men and women feel confident in their appearance

about hair replacement surgery

Hair Replacement Surgery
Hair replacement surgery taking hair plugs from the back and sides of the head, and moving them to areas where balding is occurring

Temporary Hair Replacement Systems For Men And Women

close up view mens toupee

Hair Replacement Systems
A temporary hair replacement system for men and women is a wig or toupee that is easy to fit for and wear

Hair Restoration Methods

need eyebrow restoration

Eyebrow Restoration
Eyebrow hair restoration replaces what was lost and returns face to normal balance, causes of eyebrow hair loss and your options

hair restoration costs information

Hair Restoration Costs
Hair therapies and procedures are considered by the medical community as cosmetic surgery, the most and least expensive options

laser hair restoration information

Laser Hair Restoration
Laser hair restoration works cooperatively with FDA approved hair loss products like Propecia, and getting good consumer feedback

natural hair restoration information

Natural Hair Restoration
People uncomfortable with the idea of surgical procedures or chemical products to remedy hair loss turn to natural hair restoration

Hair Growth Information

human hair growth information

Human Hair Growth
Hair growth can be Vellus hair or Terminal hair, most of the human body has hair, even the top side of your tongue contains hair follicles

Hair Loss Information Determine The Cause Of Your Hair Loss

Determining the cause of hair loss should be your primary concern. Once you identify the source of the hair loss, you'll be better equipped when choosing from the best hair replacement options. If you are suffering from permanent hair loss that is occurring over a gradual period of time, speak to your health care provider about medications that will help slow the rate of loss.

Some medicines commonly prescribed for the treatment of hair loss include Minoxidil or Rogaine, Finasteride or Propecia, Corticosteroids, and PUBA therapy with Psoralen. Minoxidil is effective for both men and women; however, Propecia has been shown to only be effective in men. It's important to note that while the use of medicine is an effective hair replacement option, hair growth will cease once use of the medicine discontinues.

hair shedding information

Hair Shedding
Shedding hair is a normal and healthy part of the hair growth cycle, fall out is called Telogen phase followed by Aragen phase of hair growth

Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss
To women, hair is a huge part of our self-image and what makes us feel attractive. See normal, telogen effluvium, female pattern baldness hair loss

Hair Loss Products ~ Reviews And Information

dermatch review

Dermatch Review
A scalp concealer or shader to have thin hair lines appear thicker or to cover bald areas on the scalp, can be used by men and women


Provillus Review
Currently there is only one FDA approved ingredient proven to slow hair loss or improve hair growth and that's Minoxidil

Mens Hair Replacement Systems And Information

male pattern baldness information

Male Pattern Baldness
Information on mens baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia in males, a look at the causes and treatments

mens haior restoration information

Mens Hair Restoration
When choosing hair restoration options, it's important to find out the cause of hair loss as this will help determine the best treatment

Womens Hair Restoration

info hair restoration for women

Hair Restoration For Women
Hair restoration products for women besides birth control pills, FDA approved Minoxidil and Avodart are helping women with hair loss

Teens Hair Loss

teen hair loss information

Teen Hair Loss
Teen hair loss can be due to a nevous habit called Trichotillomania, this is where hair is pulled or twisted out by hand

teens losing hair information

Teens Losing Hair
Can be caused by constantly chewing, biting, twisting, twirling hair and Telogen Effluvium, or Alopecia Areata

loosing hair

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