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Hair Removal Make The Choices That Work Best For You

hair removalWhen you finish reading this page, you will see how many choices are available for hair removal and how easy it can be.

You may suffer from hair growth conditions like hypertrichosis or hirsutism, or you may simply have some hair growing in places where you wished it did not, there are an endless number of choices available.

Procedures are in two categories, Permanent and Temporary

Permanent Procedures

The goal of permanent procedures is to remove your unwanted hair in such a method that it never returns.
For some people there is the need to repeat these techniques as their results may turn out to be more semi-permanent than permanent.
A licensed Aesthetician or a specialist will usually treat people who seek permanent removal.

Temporary Procedures

Temporary Procedures are techniques that work for short periods of time and are then subject to your body’s normal hair growth cycle.

While an Aesthetician can also perform temporary procedures, there are plenty of home treatments available for you as well. Everybody at one time or the other has the need for some form of treatment.
There's as many reasons as there are hairs on your body.     

Have you noticed yet that most women will treat this procedure as part of their normal cosmetic routine? You may shave your legs and underarms, pluck your eyebrows, or have pubic hair trimmed or removed to allow for today's fashions.

For cosmetic reasons, some men will also shave their body hair and most men will daily shave their facial hair unless they are purposely growing it out as a beard, goatee, or mustache.
Athletes, swimmers and bodybuilders, will undergo more extreme procedures to heighten their performance, their appearance, or both.

There are also medical reasons for treatment such as: hirsutism  or hirsutism. Women as they enter their forty's and fifty’s may experience an appearance of facial hair.
The regions of our face most often affected the upper lip area, the jaw line, and the area under the chin.

This phase can leave one feeling self-conscious and concerned. The good news is there are many pain freeways to see you through it.
Even if it is part of our aging, it is not a pleasant beauty phase or leaves one feeling feminine.

Permanent Techniques


Electrolysis treats every hair follicle by itself by injecting a needle into the hair follicle and then subjecting it to an electrical charge. Depending on the size of the area undergoing treatment, this may need to continue for months. Electrolysis can be a painful, your side effects may include scaring, and there is the risk of infection.
The costs for this procedure can go as high as $1,000-$3,000 for your legs or pubic area.

Laser Treatments

During a Laser procedure, a small laser beam is destroys the hair follicles. Laser hair removal is a painless treatment. People who have light colored skin and dark hair have the best results with laser hair removal.

If you have a deep tan this would not be the best treatment for you to choose.
The costs for laser hair removal can range from run $1,000 for the removal of facial hair, and the legs and pubic area can be anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000.
Laser is FDA approved and only a licensed and trained professional should perform this treatment.

Photo Epilation or Pulsed Laser

This treatment is similar to laser hair removal; this procedure is FDA approved and uses a pulsed light beam to destroy the individual hair follicles. This method is especially effective for removing hair from your underarms and your bikini area.

The results do not vary and there are no variations among skin color, tanning, or hair color. The costs for Photo Epilation or Pulsed Laser Hair Removal range from $500 to $2,000 and up, depending on the area of your body treated.

Temporary Techniques

Temporary methods include a wide variety for you depending on the body area in need. They will include - Bleaching, Depilatories, Waxing, Threading, Shaving Standard razor and Electric razor, Sugaring, Brazilian Waxing Exotic, Tweezing or "plucking"


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