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Hair models are used for television ads, print and editorial work, and is also used by hair stylists for fashion shows. When becoming a specialized model, there are several options available. 

Hair Model

First, you might decide that you would like to work directly with a modeling agency. You need to address hair modeling as you would any other parts model. 

By taking this route, you can rest assured that your hair will remain in its best and current condition and that you are hired for work that won't require your hair to be cut or styled in a manner that is very different from your current hair style.

A Hair Model Has To Be Ready For Change

When becoming a model for a hair stylist or fashion show, you are not guaranteed that your hair will remain in its current condition. In fact, you must be willing to let the hair stylist perform any style on your hair that they deem fit.

This includes cutting and coloring your hair. If you are interested in modeling for a stylist, you might find the best way to find work is to simply contact hair salons and inquire as to whether or not they are looking for models. If you wish to be a model for television or print work, you should contact various modeling agencies and ask if they represent hair. 

It's best to have your hair in it's natural state, and that it appears healthy, shiny, and strong. Your hair should not be fragile nor should it break easily. Models are needed for all ethnic groups and races. 

Hair is used for a wide variety of purposes. From shampoo and conditioner ads to hair salons, the need for models is varied and everyone from children to seniors can be hired for modeling ads.

Go Natural

It's best to keep your hair as natural as possible. Models shouldn't have their hair colored or permed.  When attending open calls or applying for work, make sure to keep your hair looking healthy, clean, and wear it out.

It is important for the modeling agency or scout to see your hair in its natural state. When deciding to become a model, it is important to determine what you will and won't allow for your hair. 

The type of treatments you are willing to undergo will have a great impact upon the type of work you get. For those who are serious about being a model, keeping your hair in the same condition is of the utmost importance.

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