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Ponytail Hair Gloves Ladies with active lives require a no fuss active hairstyle, and sometimes a plain old ponytail just doesn’t cut it. If you’re looking for a functional and stylish alternative, then you must meet Hair Glove accesories!

If you’re the kind of gal who throws her mid-length to down-to-there long hair up in a ponytail everyday to just get it out of the way, this is the style for you.

This hair sheath was created to support the sporty lifestyle of every woman, and is great for bikers, surfers, athletes, and horseback riders. Hair Gloves keep your hair tamed, tangle-free, and away from your face and neck.

They’re more fun than a ponytail, and faster and easier than a braid, while still creating something more interesting to look at than a boring rubber band while still keeping your hair protected from any little environmental ickies you might find like dust, dirt, sand, or exhaust.

Hair glove accessories are incredibly easy to use, and actually clip onto any regular snag-free ponytail elastic with a patented flexible hook which keeps the sleeve from sliding down the ponytail.

Then you simply tuck your hair inside and snap closed to keep every strand in place. The snaps can also be worn on the outside for a different look. They can be worn anywhere, but are most commonly worn low at the nape of the neck or just off to the side.

Hundreds of styles and designs are available, made of suede, denim, neoprene, cotton, and leather. They are available in a different lengths and thicknesses and can be trimmed to fit hair of almost any length (even kids sizes are available), and there are a variety of colors and themes to suit any taste. Glamour girls will love the sparkly ones while the diehard sports fan in your life can wear one with a sports theme.

rhinstone hair gloveWear a bold Hair Glove with embossed flames or skulls when cruising on your Harley or gift one to your long haired biker fella – they’re unisex and look great with a helmet, and after your ride you’ll be able to run your fingers through your hair.

Never fear road trips with the top down either, and ponytail Hair Gloves are available in water resistant neoprene for water sports, but can be dressed up chic and strappy in black leather version for dressier occasions. Some designs even include little ornament, rhinestones, or beads, like horseshoes for the equestrian enthusiast in your life, and can go from the riding ring to the office to a night out!

The versatility of hair glove accessories has even hit Hollywood, and fans of the TV show "Charmed” can buy the exact same style that witchy sister Holly Marie Combs wore while kicking demon butt. Now there’s a girl with an active job description,
Enjoy, hair glove accessories!

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