10 Hair Dying Tips For Longer Lasting Color

The following hair dying tips will help you keep your hair in good condition and help your color last longer. Dry brittle hair needs special care and even water temperature can make a difference in your color.

Tips to help you choose the right shade of red or blonde, control brass and disguise those roots fast.

hair dying tips

Dry Brittle Hair

If your hair`s condition is dry and brittle it is going to need a time out from color processing. Hair dye will further deplete you hair's moisture level. If you really do feel the need to highlight, try just coloring near your hair line where it will be the most visible.

Go For Gloss

Choose a semi-permanent gloss over a double - process dye. This is less damaging to hair that is already on the dry side but still needs color. The gloss will add needed shine and produce a more vibrant longer lasting color.

Water Temperature

Keep water warm when washing and rinsing your hair, tepid water will help to prolong your color, while hot washes and rinses will strip away your color fast.

Protect Your Highlights

Choose highlight colors a shade deeper than your all over hair color to gain two extra weeks of rich color, they will not oxidize as quickly and it will also help prevent brassiness by the summer sun.

Extend Your Highlights

You can extend your highlights by two to four weeks with this 15 minute appointment, color lifter is smudged between each highlight to brighten those dark roots and buy you some time.

The Right Red

You know how tricky it can be to choose just the right shade of red color for your hair. If you have a fair complexion a auburn or strawberry will be the most flattering, beware those bright coppery hues that work best with a warm skin tone. The more ruddy complexion will need a rich mahogany to tone down the redness in the face.

Going To Be A Blond?

Your eye color is your best guide to use when choosing a blond shade. Blue eyes are a sign for ash-blond shades, while brown, green, and hazel eyes are the sign for a warm golden blond tone.

Coordinate Your Color

Skin tone is also an excellent guide for choosing shades. If your skin is one with a rosy undertone you will want champagne or ash, beware those red bronzy tones that will have you looking sallow. If your skin has a warm tone selecting auburn or golden highlights will flatter you the most.

The Root Disguise

A quick trick is simply adding a zigzag part, or if you normally wear your hair on the straight side, change over to waves until your appointment.

Control Brass

If your blond hair has tuned a little brassy, try a light dusting of baby powder, dust lightly using a big fluffy makeup brush. The powder actually neutralizes the brassiness and your highlights will look blonder without loosing shine. An added bonus, you will smell oh so wonderful.

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: February 26, 2015

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Hair Dying Tips