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Hair Bow Updo

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Hair Bow Buns

Arn't these hair bow buns just too cute! Put these on your must try list.

The Bow Bun, Perfect For Party And Summer

Paris Hilton started it and Lady Gaga owned it all over town – although rumor has it, hers was a clip-in.

The hair bow bun is perfect for the girliest girly girls, while also being much more wearable and versatile than you'd probably guess. And you don't have to be an armchair Vidal Sassoon to pull it off on your own – all you need is some good firm hairspray and a fistful of bobby pins.

Fake It

Headbands and clip-in versions abound, and you can choose to fake it with a shade that matches your own hair color, or adopt a little edge with a contrasting shade, or even a fun color that could never occur naturally.

There are a wide variety of sizes as well, and hair can be pulled all the way up, tucked into hair that's worn down, or slipped into a sweet half-up style.

The bows sported by celebrities have often been very smooth and perfect, and sit high atop the crown of the head, but everyday stylistas have made the look their own with slightly undone versions, sometimes worn lower on the head or even to the side.

Updo Hair Bow Bun
Style Seven

How To Style Bow Buns

There are two different ways to style your bow bun yourself.

For Girls With Tresses To Spare

  • Start by pulling locks into a ponytail wherever you'd like your bow bun to sit
  • Leave a small section out of the bottom of the 'tail, and then divide the remaining hair into two equal right and left halves
  • Wrap each half around your open hand and pin into place, fluffing each looped section
  • Finish by wrapping the small bottom piece up as the center of the bow

For Wannabe Bow Girls With Slightly Less Hair To Play With

  • Start hair with a ponytail as previously directed, but don't pull hair all the way through, leaving the ends sticking out towards your forehead
  • Then split your looped ponytail in half, and pull your tail ends up and around the split and pin into place
  • You can tug the loops you made to add fullness to your bow – like they are fabric - and finish with hairpins, if necessary

Whatever method works for you, make sure to keep everything in place with a good shot of spray.

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