Hair Bad Again?

Hair bad again? Don't fret or head off to your closest hat boutique. Here are some tips from celebrated stylists on how you can turn your bad hair good.

Hair Bad

Having a bad hair day?

The Frizzies

According to Kevin Mancuso, a New York stylist favored by Demi Moore, you can begin beating the frizz in the shower by applying a shampoo with hydrating properties and a conditioner. The reason it works he says is that hair tends to expand when it's exposed to moisture such as on a humid day.

So if your hair is well-hydrated, there are fewer chances to soak in the moisture in the air. Also recommended is the use of a styling product containing generous amounts of silicone that promotes the sealing of hair cuticles and locking in moisture.

The silicone product can still help even if the frizz has already darkened your mood. Place a small amount in your palm then smooth it over the surface of your locks. It will add shine and will cut away the poofy volume. If you have naturally curly hair avoid brushing your hair once it's dry.

Flyaway Hair

Ever feel like your hair has been through a wind-tunnel? According to Boston stylist Mario Russo, whose clientele includes Caroline Kennedy and Natalie Portman, flyaway hair is caused by over drying when using a hair blower.

The trick to stop this is to use a small quantity of a well hydrating leave-in conditioner applied while the hair is still damp. Concentrate on the ends, which have the tendency to over-dry. When you blow-dry, start at the hairline and crown to get it soft to the touch. Always aim the nozzle down, following the hair shaft.

It is important to keep the air flowing downward as you dry the rest of your hair. You want to make sure the moisture is out to avoid frizz, but stop as soon as your hair is dry to the touch. This refers to both the root as well as the top, and thus you'll avoid breakage.

Many women use a straightening iron to help smooth flyaway hair. If you do, do so correctly by applying a moisturizing spray first to protect the hair from the heat. Applying minimal tension and drawing the ends inward is the proper technique.

Apply a silicone serum or a styling cream to smooth down any wayward strands. It is also a good idea to carry a tiny vial of serum in your bag to rein in flyaway hair while on the go. Another good idea help control wild hair is to dab a little serum on before wearing your chapeau.

Bangs? What Bangs?

Got a bit over zealous with the scissors? Well speeding the growth process is not an option but there are some tips to make it more bearable. Blow (a salon in New York City catering to celebrity clientele) stylist MariLynne Mele suggests sweeping your bangs to one side.

When blow-drying your hair, blow your bangs down with the use of a comb to enable you to achieve maximum length. After that, use the gentle action of a rounded brush. If you give the ends a bend, you will make sure they don't bounce up, and it will also help you achieve a soft, wispy look. Today's style tips can also be of great use to you; for example, headbands should not be overlooked.

One Chemical Treatment Too Many

Using chemical treatments too often can result in your hair resembling a scarecrow and feeling like straw too. Ted Gibson, stylist to celebrities such as Debra Messing and Anne Hathaway, has some simple tips to help restore your hair. First, get rid of damaged ends by getting a haircut; even a small trim will do, and it will also give you an appealing new look. Second, make sure you give yourself a deep-conditioning hair treatment at least once a week.

MariLynne Mele offers this recommendation: make your own beauty cocktail to achieve nice hair. Start right after washing your hair by using a deep-conditioning mask blended with a small amount of shine serum. Apply this to your wet hair and wait ten minutes before rinsing. Those dry, broken locks will have extra shine, body, and some weight to prevent them flying away.

OMG, My Roots Are Showing!

Ever wonder how you can turn in with a wonderful hair coloring and wake up with significantly showing roots? Jason Backe, renowned NYC colorist offers these tricks to help you until your next coloring:

  • If you are a brunette, you can hide gray areas by applying mascara or eye shadow on your hair's roots. Set it with your regular hair spray.
  • If you're a blonde it's harder to use the technique. You are better off using at-home hair-coloring kits solely intended for root touch-ups. Be sure to get the color as close a match as possible to the hue of the rest of your hair.

Finally, no matter what's at the root (pun intended) of your hair issue, you can always change the location of your parting to hide less flattering areas.

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Updated September 8, 2011

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