Hair Accessory Tips

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Hair Accessory Tips

Every woman has a little black dress for evening soirees, and sometimes it seems like every woman has the same little black dress.

I’ve been to Hollywood premieres and fashion shows where three-quarters of the women were similarly clad. Against the backdrop of this uniform, it’s accessories that allow a woman to stand out with her distinctive personal style.

What’s been most striking on the runway of late isn’t jewelry, scarves, shoes or handbags, though, but hair accessories. These can run the gamut from sparkling bling to simpler statement pieces.

For a dramatic evening look, consider a barrette or clip studded with rhinestones or feathers.

Chopsticks or hair sticks are an elegant way to hold a chignon or bun in place, and you can find these in a huge variety of finishes and colors -- from red lacquer and tortoiseshell to satiny black or gold topped with sapphire beads.

Ponytail holders have become artful; consider dropping your elastic for one embellished with a leather rose, vintage fabric or resin discs. Even the lowly bobby pin has gone luxe and moved beyond more utility to adornment.

As their popularity rises, hair accessories can be found in hair salons, beauty supply stores, department stores and dozens of Web sites.

Make Your Own Unique Hair Accessory

If you are handy, you can even make your own. Buy a bow and some crystals and rhinestones at a fabric store and glue faux gems along the edge of the bow. Or take that single earring you can’t bear to throw out and paste it on the tip of a chopstick. You’ll find that hair accessories are a wonderful way to add your style signature to everything from that black cocktail dress, to jeans and a white T-shirt.
Hair Accessory Tips

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