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Guys Scene Haircuts ~ Criss Angel Style

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scene haircut criss angel

Chriss Angel Scene Styles

You may have heard the phrase scene haircuts and wondered what in the world are they. To put it simply, they are fresh haircuts that are considered fun and popular. Who wears guys scene haircuts? Young and hot celebrities, those who are considered to be on the "scene".

criss angel scene haircutThe men who are on the scene are the men we love to watch. They have their pictures plastered on the covers of all the magazines.

They are mostly celebrities, musicians, athletes, and those who are just lucky enough to date the celebrities who are always in the public eyes.

What makes a haircut a scene haircut?

First, it is a cut that generally employs a lot of sharp lines. It is a cut that has an artistic look to it.

Most of these cuts have the added addition of color, even bold colors. It is a cut that screams look at me. The length of the cut may vary depending on the taste of the wearer.

Guys scene haircuts are sometimes considered a punk like hairstyle. A scene haircut is always a bold type of haircut. The person who has it can have fun experimenting with it, adding touches of color and adding his own marks of style to it.

A person who wears a scene haircut may also have his own sense of style when it comes to dressing. Fashion is another key in showing his own tastes. He may even add extra touches such as tattoos or piercing to further display his tastes and artistic style.

Sometimes a scene haircut is a cut that a person will only choose to wear once. Then the next time he is seen in public, he will have a different look. The reason why is that he becomes bored with the look, he is still developing the look or he likes the idea of keeping people guessing on how he will look next.

scene hair criss angelHe can mix up his scene hairstyle by choosing to change the colors in his hair or he may add extensions.

When one sees a person wearing a scene type haircut, one automatically thinks that the person has his own sense of style, that he is daring, that he is not conventional. He may also be labeled as an artist.

Yet, this style can be a hindrance to a normal every day person, too, because he can be seen as a rebel, a person who may not follow convention or rules. This type of person may not do well in all working environments.

Yes, labels are put on people from the way they look. This includes the way they dress and the way they style their hair.

If one choose to be an artist, a musician, a singer, or other type of career in which the limelight is helpful, than a scene haircut may be the perfect choice.

Yet, if you choose to be an accountant or a lawyer, than you better stick with a more conventional type haircut.


Choose wisely, when it comes to your fashion and your hairstyle looks.

Guys Scene Haircuts

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