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Guys Choppy Hair, Great Style For Guys With Thick Hair

guys choppy hairstyle

We often hear a lot of information on hairstyles that are appropriate for women. There are millions of articles, books, web sites, and similar promotional items on the market today.

However, there is not nearly as much information on hair care for men out there.

Men want to look good too, and there are many fabulous styles available for this gender. If you are reading this, chances are you are a guy that is sick and tired of the same old hairstyles.

Here, you will receive some styling steps and advice on guys choppy hair for this style of Jean Michel Jarre.

This particular hairstyle is an excellent choice for guys who have thick, hard to manage hair.

The following steps are required to achieve this particular long choppy style:

style steps 1. If you are a guy with thick, hard to manage hair, you may often feel as if it is too hard to appropriately style your hair in a way that exhibits your own taste and personal flair.

Here, as you can see in the picture, we have what is referred to as the guy’s choppy hairstyle. While it may seem like an easy style to accomplish, it is simple if you have the right information on styling steps.

The first thing that you will want to do is shampoo your hair. If you do not want your hair to appear dry and damaged, it may also be a good idea to condition the hair.

This will ensure that all the hair care products and oils in your hair are naturally eliminated prior to styling.

style steps 2. Once the hair is clean, you will want to towel dry it to remove any additional moisture that may be left behind. The idea is to dry up as much water as possible prior to drying the hair.

style steps 3. The next thing that you will want to do is to get a brush and lean your head down. You will want to brush the hair towards the floor and spray a little bit of hairspray on the base of the neck – on the hair that is closest to the head.

style steps 4. While holding your head down, turn on the hair dryer and make sure that it is on the highest setting. You will want to dry the hair that is normally underneath first to ensure that you add a sufficient amount of volume to the hair.

style steps 5. Once you have dried the bottom of the hair, you can hold up your head and flip your hair back.

From here, you will want to brush the hair down, but do not do it in such a way that it is hard and brushes out all the volume that you just added.

style steps 6. As you continue to dry your hair, simply part the hair to the side – but only ever so slightly. This will ensure that you achieve the look and feel of the guy’s choppy hairstyle.

style steps 7. Once you are all done, all you have to do is simply spray the hair with hairspray and you are all set!

Guys choppy hair styles are relatively easy to create and maintain. If you are in search of a style that will be compatible with the overall volume of your hair and the length of it as well, the guy’s choppy hairstyle may be the way to go!


Guys Choppy Hair

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